You've Got This

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

I’ve got this…..

I have an incredibly hectic life, as many of us do.  Full time job, kids, a house to manage, and a husband that travels extensively.  There are weeks that go by when I feel like if one thing gets out of whack; my whole day is going to be off.   Sometimes this is self imposed; many times it’s just life, and the commitments that come with it.  Sometimes, I forget that I have an incredible task master.  I was having one of those “weeks” recently, and in the midst of that, Waldek and I had to make the decision to put our golden retriever, Bella, to sleep.  This dog had been on every family vacation, in every holiday photo for the past 14 years. Many of you have had or have such a pet.  In the midst of all this emotion, and all of the stress of where kids had to be and when, my deadlines at work, and trying to “squeeze” in an anniversary trip with my husband,  I remember thinking and almost saying out loud to myself one morning, “I can’t do this God.  It’s too much right now”.  Out of the blue, a bible verse popped into my brain, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  I literally sat down and thought to myself, “Where did that come from?”  It’s one of my favorite verses in the bible for sure, but I certainly hadn’t been reading it recently, it was just there…..Amazing.  God was literally whispering to me that “I’ve got this, if you’ll give it to me”.  And so I turned it over, all of it: the emotions, Bella, work, kids, and deadlines. Within a few minutes I could breathe again.  That bible verse is now taped to the front of my mirror as I get ready for my day.  Thank you God for reminding me that “you’ve got this”.

Tammy Stepniowski

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