Thank You from Rock Canyon High School

September 2019

Dear God’s Grace,

Thank you for your donation of $500.00 to Rock Canyon Band Boosters, Inc. Your generosity will help the Booster Club promote the growth and development of the RCHS band programs and the involved students. The organization exists to provide operating funds and volunteer services to the high school band programs and any related auxiliary units, as requested by the Band Director.

Generous support from individuals like you help us enhance our programs and create a learning environment where intellectual, social and creative growth can flourish. Thank you for your donation as we strive to teach, inspire, and encourage students to reach higher, dream bigger, and be the best they can be. 

Sincerely, Tammy Dawson

Fundraising Chair

Rock Canyon Band Boosters, Inc.

April 2019

Dear God’s Grace,

Thank you for your continued partnership. The breakfasts, gift cards and Apple Award gifts are so appreciated. We really appreciate all you do to help us honor our staff. Andy Abner, Principal

Thank you so much for the beautiful bag for my Apple Award! It was so thoughtful. I loved the scarf, the umbrella, the travel bag for cosmetics and the gift cards. I appreciate all you’ve done over the years for the RC Community. With gratitude, Sarah Pascoe, Professional Learning Specialist

Thanks so much for the lovely gift bag. I enjoyed going through everything and even used some of my travel things for my anniversary trip. You have always been so thoughtful and generous to Rock Canyon. We are lucky to have you rent our building. Thanks again. Donna Rotter, Bookkeeper

Thank you for the Rock Canyon High School Clean Up Day

Dear God's Grace Community Church,

THANK YOU for cleaning up our campus!!! The campus looks great! The work you all did made such a nice difference!!

This is a tremendous help and we greatly appreciate it!! I'm so happy you had some student helpers who were willing to step up out of the goodness of their hearts!

We are grateful for the support.

Barb Cocetti, Administrative Assistant to the Principal

Thank you for the Rock Canyon High School Clean Up Day and Apple Award Recipients Gifts


Please share my gratitude with all of God's Grace for an amazing campus cleanup and for the very beautiful gifts for Sarah and Donna with the Apple Awards.

We greatly appreciate your continued support.

Andy Abner, Principal

March 2019

Dear God’s Grace Community Church,

Thank you so much for preparing breakfast for the RC staff on Feb. 15. It was delicious and a great way to start the day. Thank you too for being such fabulous “neighbors” in the RC community.

Thanks again,

The RC Professional Development Committee.

December 2018

Thank you for Christmas Gifts.

I'm always so surprised that you guys keep doing this! I feel like you must have much better things to do....and yet you keep gifting us! Well, we appreciate it, though don't feel like you have to keep on spending money on us! You are a wonderful asset to our building and we really appreciate you guys! Cindy Baker, Rock Canyon High School Theatre Director

May 2018

Thank you from Rock Canyon High School Administrative Staff for the May 21 Luncheon. 

  • The lunch you provided was so appreciated and enjoyed! Thank you!!  Kelley
  • Thank you for the delightful lunch!  Barbara
  • What a wonderful treat! Thanks! Holly
  • Thank you so much! It was delicious!  Laura
  • Thank you for a wonderful lunch! You are the best!  Barb
  • Wonderful lunch. Thank you so much.
  •  It was very nice of you to provide lunch. Lori
  • Thank you for always taking such good care of us. Donna

February 2018

Thank You from Rock Canyon High School Staff & Teachers for the Teacher/Staff Breakfasts prior to their Teacher/Staff Development Days

  • God’s Grace, Thank you so much for providing us with a fabulous breakfast during our Professional Development Days. God Bless You.
  • Dear God’s Grace, Thank you so much for the breakfast today and all that you do for RCHS. We are fortunate to have your support.
  • Dear God’s Grace, Thank you so much for feeding us every Professional Development Day. We appreciate it. We loved this breakfast. The savory selection was delish!
  • Thank you so much for your kindness - it’s appreciated!
  • Such a nice way to start the day. It is much appreciated.
  • We are blessed!

Thank You from Love, Light and Melody

August 2019

God’s Grace Family,

Being with all of you is always SUCH a gift - it always feels like a “coming home” of sorts. Thank you for always making me feel so welcome and loved, and thank you for inviting me to share parts of my story and what the Lord is speaking to my heart.

It’s a privilege to gather with all of you and to seek the Lord’s face alongside one another. Your community inspires me with your commitment to each other and to serving.

You embody “being the hands and feet” of Jesus more than you may even realize, but know that you are that and it’s important. I’m grateful for your friendship and support and I hope to see you all again soon.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

With love & deep gratitude, Daisy

July 2019

Claudia & GGCC,

Thanks for your support of LL+M's music ministry and Jordan's work in Nicaragua! We are blessed to have you in our community. Andrea Evashevski, Executive Administrator

January 2019

Thank you from Pastor Jorge for the $1000.00 gift to help with his wife's medical expenses.

"Thank my brother, this news is like rain on desert. God know our economic situation. We will pay all the money we owe and save for the Monica medicine in next month.  I appreciate all you do for us.  Is a great news in a good time.  Bless all the church for us."

January 2018

Dear God’s Grace Community Church,

On behalf of Love, Light and Melody’s Board of Directors and staff thank you for your generosity and commitment to our organization in 2017. It is an honor to be on this journey with you, and we are humbled by your passion and belief in our work. You are protecting vulnerable kids, transforming lives, and inspiring hope in the communities we serve. 

Your donation amount for 2017 was $22,545.00. Thank you for your incredible support - now and always. Love, Light and Melody does not exist without you. You are giving LOVE, you are shining LIGHT, and you are inspiring MELODY beyond what we could have ever asked for or imagined. We wish you and your family a year filled with joy, hope and abundance.

Sincerely Brad Corrigan, President/Founder & Daisy Wiberg, Program Director

Thank You from Extreme Community Makeover

August  2019

God’s Grace,

On behalf of Extreme Community Makeover, thank you for your financial support that is making it possible for us to assist Denver’s residents with projects at their homes, while bringing people together and building relationships between neighbors.

With your contribution, we have completed 2,598 home projects and cleaned 4,153 alleys throughout

the city of Denver in the past ten years! We couldn’t do this work without you, so thank you again for your support!

Angela Bomgaars, Executive Director, Extreme Community Makeover

***In July GGCC gifted ECM with a $1,500 church partnership donation

June 2019

It was great to have you volunteer with Extrerme Community Makeover! I hope you and your group enjoyed the day and the neighbors you met along the way. I hope wecan continue to partner together to make an impact in Denver neighborhoods “one block at a time.” Thanks again.

Angela Bomgaars, Executive Director

July 2018

God’s Grace Community Church,

Thank you so much for the financial donation to Extreme Community Makeover. As we celebrate our tenth anniversary this year, it’s amazing to reflect on the generosity of people, such as yourself, who give their time and resources to make the following stats possible - 31,380 volunteers have participated, 2,438 projects completed, 160,200 volunteer hours, $161,849.62 donated in food and project supplies and $3,890,537.40 in volunteer labor invested into Denver communities.

What doesn't show up in these numbers though, is how people are showing care and concern for others.  Through answering a knock at the door with the offer of a helping hand, people come together as they work side by side on these projects.  They find out they have more in common with one another than they realize.  And along the way, we all learn how to become better neighbors as we talk and work and share stories. The smiles at the end of each volunteer day are priceless, since together we are building stronger relationships, stronger neighborhoods, and a stronger city. 

Thank you for playing a role in making this work possible.

Angela Bomgaars, Executive Director

May 2018

God’s Grace Community Church,

Thank you for joining the recent Work Day in the West Colfax neighborhood and for sticking with things in spite of the chilly temperature and rain to make everything soggy! I always appreciate working with you and the commitment you make to Extreme Community Makeover!

Angela Bomgaars, Executive Director


Thank You from The Gathering Place

February 2019

Thank you from The Gathering Place for Donations from our Soup Drive

Thank you so much Davis! You guys did amazing! Having the whole box of can openers is especially thoughtful and will really last us quite some time. Your soup stocked our shelves this week! Thank you for your time and energy into doing such a thoughtful drive. 

Leah Weisgal, Volunteer Program Specialist

November 2016

Dear Friends,

On behalf of The Gathering Place and the members we serve, please accept our deepest gratitude.

Your generous gift of $949.34 received on 11/29/2016 is a vital lifeline for the 8,000+ women and children who will come to us for help this year.  Founded in 1986, The Gathering Place is the only daytime drop-in metroplitan Denver that serves women, children, and trnasgender individuals experienceing poverty, about half of whom are homeless. Our goal is to ensure any woman struggling with basic needs has a warm, safe place to fot for those needs.  Your contribution gives us hope and we hold hope for everyone of our members, everyday.

Your donation ensures members can shower, do laundry, receive mail, use the telephone or the computer lab, study for a high school equivalency certificate or get help finding a job.  It means we can care for children while their motherss take advantage of our programs - or, simply just rest awhile.  Your thoughtfulness financees more than 65,000 healthy, nutritious meals each year in safe, pleasant space.

We hope you will encourage others to follow your lead in supporting The Gathering Place.  They can spread the word about us through social media, volunteer or donate - all valuable ways to support our community.  For more information, contact our Donor Relations Manager, Emily Bunker Peterson at 303-996-9061 or visit us at

With deepest gratitude, 

Leslie R. Foster, President


Thank You from Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives

December 2018

Thank you's from our Open Door Adopted Christmas Families

Thank you for the gifts and everything you guys do for the family every year.  Much love and Merry Christmas. The Recinos Family 

Thank you so much for your kindness and blessing us with gifts this year.  Thank you.  Jesus

Thank you for giving us gifts this year and helping us enjoy this Christmas! I hope you have a good Christmas and a good New Year!  Carmen

Thank you so much for these wonderful gifts.  You have made our Christmas much more happier this year.  Have a very good Christmas and a blessed year full of good things.  Thanks again.  Lomeli Marmolejo family

March 2018

Dear God's Grace Community Church,

Thank you so much for the recent donation of $100.00 to Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives that was given in memory of Gloria Mitchell.  Please pass on to her family our great appreciation for this gift.

We work with over 100 kids during the school year, impacting over 100 families. In addition, we work with over 150 ex-gang members who are on parole, helping bridge the gap between release and reality.

Thanks to donors like you, Open Door continues to provide support to at-risk youth and their families, and adult ex-gang members and their families.

Be sure to find us on Facebook and "Like" us so that you can keep updated on our happenings.  Please visit our website for more information:

Frankly, we could not do what we do without donors such as you. We, and those we serve, deeply appreciate your generosity.

God Bless,

Rev. Leon Kelly, Executive Director

Thank You from Confluence Ministries

January 2018

Dear God's Grace Community Church,

Words cannot express how thankful we are for you and your partnership with Confluence Ministries!  The volunteering of your time and prayers, your financial support and in-kind gifts, have a significant impact.

2017 was a year overflowing with testimonies for lives touched by God.  As we reflect on those stories, we are filled with deep appreciation.  We clearly see how the providential weaving together of our friendships and connections has made a difference.  Throughout these past 14 years we have witnessed God's faithfulness and creative power in our communities and lives.  Thank you for being a part of that miracle.

Confluence Ministries has taken a proactive approach on the issues surrounding us today; being intentional toward bringing wholeness to the West Colfax neighborhood, Metro Denver, and other nations.  We are confident in the call to collaborate and work for the wellbeing of our "city" to which we have been sent. (Jeremiah 29:7)

Because for your support in 2017, the mission of Confluence was lived out in several ways:

  • Backpacks were given to over 700 school children at the Annual Neighborhood Festival, ensuring the students at Colfax and Cheltenham Elementary were prepared for the new school year. (Both schools are in our West Colfax Neighborhood)
  • A team of 11 musicians traveled to Cuba, responding to an invitation from a national worship director training a new generation of musicians.  18 instruments were donated to the new school of music! (a young man who had been praying for 8 years to receive a saxophone of his own, received his answer.  His flood of emotion for this gift brought new meaning to the word "gratitude" as he explained his tears of joy to our team)
  • Confluence Ministries celebrated 10 years of ESL/GED programs, Whiz Kids and MOPS!
  • 300 + musical outreaches, collaborative events and meetings.

Through your faithful support of Confluence Ministries, we can celebrate together the strengthening of families, and the influence we have through the power of presence at city events, local outreaches and world missions.

We look forward to 2018 with great anticipation as we continue bringing leaders together from diverse social sectors for strategic, meaningful outcomes in our city.  We are eager to see what God will do through friends like you collaborating together!

Love to God's Grace and so thankful for your beautiful church!

Sincerely, Jude & Cindy Del Hierro and the Confluence Team

Thank You from Convoy of Hope

September 2017

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your gift of $1,000.00 to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey.  So far, your commitment has enabled us to:

  • Provide hope in 56 cities
  • Serve more than 220,000 survivors
  • Deliver nearly 150 loads - totaling nearly 5 million pounds of relief supplies

Thank you for partnering with us to provide hope in every storm.  Your commitment to kindness is a gift to Convoy of Hope and the people we serve together.

God bless you,

Hal Donaldson, President