Everybody, including myself, loved the Star Wars trilogy made in the 70’s and 80’s. Star Wars was just a wonderful piece of movie making. I knew many people who saw it numerous times. People loved the 3rd one, Return of the Jedi, but the second one- Empire Strikes Back, really did get as much recognition as the 1st and 3rd ones. A great character was introduced in Empire Strikes Back and his name was Yoda. I loved the scene where Luke Skywalker just couldn’t bring his ship out of the water using the force. Yoda did it with almost no effort. Luke Skywalker said he couldn’t believe it and Yoda said that is why you fail.

I think it is similar with the disciples and Jesus. Luke Skywalker was like the disciples and Yoda was like Jesus. Time and time again, the disciples kept failing because their faith and belief were so little. I can even imagine Jesus saying what in the world is wrong with you guys. Like Peter, for instance, wanted to walk on water to meet with Jesus. Peter was walking but slowly he began to sink and Jesus had to save him from drowning. I can hear Jesus saying to Peter that you don’t believe and that is why you fail walking on water.

We are like Luke Skywalker or the disciples sometimes. We try to do so much as Christians but yet our faith is so little and we don’t believe and that is why we fail. Men put such prisons or brick walls around themselves that we put a limit on what we can do. With Jesus and God, anything should be possible if we believe. By putting our faith and our hearts in God, there should be nothing we can’t do. With God on our side, we keep trying and working and eventually, we accomplish things that we thought we could never do. I think that is what Heaven is all about. It is a place where the things that we think are impossible to do, are possible. Just got to have faith.

You know, Luke Skywalker, through time, faith, belief, determination, and focus became just as powerful or maybe more so than Yoda. The disciples had powers just like Jesus when their faith grew and became mature. Even Jesus said that descendants would do greater things than himself. I think Jesus was right. Even with the faith as small as a mustard seed, we can make a mountain move from here to there. So believe and mature your faith and you will make the impossible become possible. May God (not the force) be with you.

In Christ,

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