Working Happily?

Dear Laborers,

Someone once asked Pastor Rich Melheim (a mentor to the staff and tribe of God’s Grace Community Church) , ”how is your work going?”

Rich gave this answer to the question:

“I do not “work”

Instead, I “fun”

I try to goof

And get things done


At the same time

Love what I do

Do what I love

And then can you


Honestly say 

You do not work 

You simply fun

And do not shirk

Until it is done


The object  then

Midst all this strife

Is not to work

A day in our life

For if you love

That which you do

It is not work



I am through  ‘

                     By Rich Melheim

Back in 1983, when I was starting professional ministry,  I vividly recall a conversation with a good friend about pursuing his dream. I was encouraging him to go after his dream. His response to me was, ”I am not sure I want to give up all that I have just to be happy?”

Have you ever had similar thoughts to what my friend said? Are you ready to do what you do not like doing for some years to come, just because you do not want to lose what you have, just to be happy?

Rob Bell (another mentor of our staff and GGCC) has no time for people who come to him for counseling regarding how they do not like their job. He simply says,”Then quit, Starbucks is always hiring.”  In essence Bell is saying, your labors are important. God created you to labor, to work, to serve, find something to do that brings joy from the sweat you poor into it.

Blessed Labor Day Weekend to all of you. May our prayer be that we each have the courage to follow in the way of Christ that our Labors need not be in vain.

See 1 Kings 19 and 2 Kings 2. Reflect upon the mentor relationship of Elijah and Elisha.

We pray for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and the continuing bad weather in Texas and along the Gulf Coast.

Still in One Peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen

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