Why Pray?

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Why do we pray to a God who knows everything, sees everything, is all powerful, and is everywhere?

The simple answer: Because Jesus did.

Prayer is more than ,"Rub-a-dub-dub thanks for the grub."

Prayer is connection.
Prayer is conversation.
Prayer is a discipline.
Prayer is a privilege.

We wonder why pray because God already knows what we need. In fact, He knows it all. So really what is the reason? I guess I could compare praying to an eternal God to a conversation with an earthly parent. I know what my kids need, many times before they tell me. But I love talking with my kids. I cherish hearing from them about their day. I value spending time with them.

Prayer is recorded in the Bible, starting way back in Genesis 4:26, Men began to call on the name of the Lord, and it permeates scripture all the way through to Revelation. There are several hundred short prayersrecorded and around fifty more lengthy ones found. (Cool, huh?)

Prayer is important to us because it is important to God.

Prayer is all about relationship; an intimate dialogue with the One who formed us, the One who loves us so much he knows the numbers of hairs on our head.

Jesus prayed to give thanks for provision, for protection for the saints, for strength, for forgiveness for his enemies, to intercede for the saints, for his Father's will to be done, for believers, the disciples, and himself.

Jesus prayed... a lot!

And because we are important to God, prayer should be important to us!

So the next time your kids ask you, "Why do we pray?" Or your teen challenges you with, "Why pray, if God knows it all?"

With full confidence you can answer, "'Cause Jesus did!"

(Jesus) looked toward heaven and prayed. John 17:1b

Faith, hope, and love~

Lori Wildenberg



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