Who's Wearing the Mask?

Halloween was just last week, signaling the end of October. Masks are everywhere on Halloween night - from the innocent ones that little children wear to the more elaborate ones that adults have for their parties. But there are "masks" you don't see - not on Halloween, or on any other day. These are the masks that people wear 'under the exterior' of their outer beings.

Sure, there are goblins, ghosts, "witches", jack-o-lanterns out on Halloween. But these are mild in comparison with the ones wearing "masks" that linger long after Halloween, all through the year, without detection from the average person.

What about that person you've wondered about - just down the street that won't dart in the door of a church. Yet, let the holidays roll around, especially Halloween, and they 'decorate to the hilt'! Wonderful, good people, everyone says - but yet, they will not surrender their lives to God.

That lady at the grocery store - what's her name? She has a smile as big as a basketball every time you meet her, but do you REALLY know what she's going through? Has she taken off HER MASK, so that you see the inner being?

Then there is the man dressed in his Sunday best, sits in the pew every Sunday morning. After all, this was how he was brought up - yet, you never hear him utter a kind word, or do a kind deed. Have you ever wondered why he's like he is - why he doesn't "put on a happy face" - as we always hear?

There are 'silent sufferers' - the people that never let out their feelings. They hurt inside like those of us who are happy could never imagine. They are depressed, oppressed, and some are obsessed to the point that life is a BURDEN to them. These are the ones with those MASKS you don't see. You see some of the problems - but not the MASK - the WAY they deal with the problems.

Why not try to get to know the people you are around, especially those that you perceive to have a problem. Maybe one of those people you get to know better is one with a hidden MASK. Perhaps you can bring a little peace and happiness their way, by showing them the love and kindness that JESUS wants us to share with others. Who knows - YOU may be the KEY to that person's salvation. SHARE the WORD with anyone you come in contact with - they may need what GOD has given you to share on that given day!! Be a LIGHT HOUSE for someone today!

Heavenly Father, help us to SHINE so that others may see YOU in us. Help us to reach those with the hidden masks - the ones that seem unreachable, the hurting, the desperate, the needy souls that may never know you, less we cross their paths. Help us walk in a way that every step draws us closer to you, that we may serve you through leading others to you. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

Mike Heflebower

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1. Julie wrote:
Thanks Mike, this is a good reminder to look deeper into those faces around us!

Fri, November 6, 2009 @ 4:16 PM

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