Who are We?

What is your life? It is even as a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away; James 4; 14

We are an amazing people we plan for a tomorrow that we may never see, we strive for things we may never get to enjoy and live as though eternity stops at night and starts again at dawn for our convenience.

We build houses, pouring our hearts into the décor and when we sell to another the first thing they do is throw our hearts in the rubbish bin.

We build up pension funds for a retirement we may never see or never enjoy and in doing so enrich the moneylenders and impoverish the kingdom of God.

We build barns expecting bigger salaries and bigger windfalls and like fools leave it all to someone who does not share our zeal for wealth. Luke 12. 16; 21.

We try and escape from the will of God for our lives and like Jonah end up swallowed by something bigger than we can cope with in our own strength.

We spend more, on making the comfortable people of God more comfortable in church while the lost knock at an unanswered and locked door.

We put car parks, ahead of the souls of a people dying without Christ most of who are too poor to own a car.

We place our traditions, as a stumbling block that is greater than Christ the stumbling stone and the rock of offence, which God laid down. Romans 9; 33

We put our doctrines, before the sound foundation, and uphold mans wisdom above the wisdom of God.

We eat more, at Mc Donald’s and the Pizza Hut than we do of the bread of life and we drink more Coke than we drink of the living water.

We love the world and the things of the world, more than the house of God yet it is written that ‘if anyone loves the world the love of our Heavenly father is not in him.’ 1 John 2; 15

We create reputations for ourselves, in the church while ‘Christ made himself of no reputation and took upon himself the form of a servant’. Philippians 2; 7

We build empires, instead of the kingdom of God, we seldom see that God’s treasure is in the earthen vessels, which beg for an entrance to our exclusive church.

We worry, not about yesterday but always about a ‘tomorrow which will have enough cares of it’s own to consider’, always about things over which Christ wants to be Lord. Matthew. 6; 34.

We seek gifts, instead of the giver, things that will fade away instead of eternal things given by the ‘Ancient of Days’

We seek out greatness, yet Christ said, ‘he that wants to be the greatest let him become as the youngest and let the chief be as a servant’ Luke 22; 26.

We seek out truth, as long as it lines up with what we believe, we walk the way as long as it’s our traditional route, we live the life as though it’s our own to live.

We seek for love, and find emptiness when Christ is not the centre of our universe; we seek comfort on paths Christ will not walk and joy from things he did not give.

We trust in the arm of flesh; which will always fail us instead of the strong ‘Arm of the Lord’, Isaiah 51; 9-10. which are always round about and underneath Deuteronomy 33; 27.

We trust in doctors, while the ‘Great Physician’ patiently waits for us to call out his name. Luke 4; 23

We call on God, for help and then lean on others for help, we depend on people up to the point when we have no other place to turn and then its, ‘Help me God’

We believe, ‘after’ the answer has arrived, which is thanksgiving not ‘faith’

We proclaim, that Christ is Lord and stop obeying his commands when they don’t suit us or when there appears to be no reward.

We say we trust in Christ, the ‘resurrection and the life’ and then fear death which is the doorway to eternal life.

We turn to a minister or a priest, for council and avoid the ‘Wonderful Counselor’ Isaiah 9; 6

We walk after ravening wolves; in our foolishness instead of the ‘shepherd who gave his life for the sheep’ John 10; 11.

We accept the word of a man, a man who can lie instead of ‘God who cannot lie and who cannot deny himself’, 2 Timothy 2; 13.

We want to be number one, and we strive for position in the church while all we can ever be are building blocks in the hands of the ‘Master Builder’ who is building His church against which the gates of hell cannot prevail. Matthew. 16; 18.

All this and yet the loss of a single heart beat our lives could end forever;
Lord, Help me to see that a life spent serving myself is a wasted life,
Help me to see that the moment that I am living right now as I read this is the only moment I can count on. Help me to see that the next heartbeat I hear does not belong to me but that it’s a gift from you. Help me to see that this body of mine is dying from the moment I’m born so that I may become eternity conscious.

Thank you Lord that my life is in your hands, thank you that my eternity is in your heart.

(Shared by Mike Heflebower)

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