What's the Message?

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Super Bowl.  I honestly think in the United States it is the festival event that marks the end of the holiday season. For some, the game is a big deal. Others want to watch Madonna, LMFAO, and Cee Lo Green perform at halftime. The real deal that draws in all the masses are the commercials. Super Bowl commercials have become a cultural phenomenon in their own right.

Every commercial carries two messages. The first is the obvious one of the experience or product the company is selling. The other is delivered over and over again, in various guises and disguises: “The gospel is wrong. The gospel is wrong.”  I am not teaching others not to watch the commercials, but I am on a crusade of sorts to teach others to deconstruct the commercials, and to understand the power of the “sound bites.”  Biting us where it hurts spiritually.

Watch the commercials and ask yourself... is there a message contained therein that places the focus of intent upon “what about ME?” Most advertisers want us to gain the perception that we are to be treated as ” little gods” who deserve to have the world spin around us. The gospel of Jesus Christ professes a creator who made us, and gave us a Savior to be followed. Our Lord Jesus served us, so that we might be servants of one another. The gospel flies counter cultural to the messages of the 3.5 million dollar, 30 second Super Bowl sound bites.

Only in the gospel of Jesus is there truth to meet the evils of this world head on. “ Beloved do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that is taking place among you….rejoice insofar as you are sharing in the sufferings of Christ…"(1 Peter 4:12,13)  No product advertised this Sunday night or ever can match the worth of such truth as this.

For your prayers this day, a thought from the band Caedmon’s Call: “This world has nothing for me, and this world has everything. All that I could want and nothing that I need.”

Still in One Peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen

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1. Aleudo wrote:
Perfectly done I watched over and over I must admit the fart' ucsjebt is almost always good for a cheap laugh but this vid the mood setting, a perfect date' going great for the guy and all his self indulgence and THEN oohh !! as if to say what the hell happened to you? after she gets blown away! i can't stop laughing.. really I mean now what's the proper' thing to say or do if you were him ? He really got FART-Blocked !!

Fri, April 13, 2012 @ 6:45 AM

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