What We Want

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Steve Jobs left us with many things. The world was reshaped through his imagination. A quote that best describes his visionary way is, “How do the people know what they want, unless we show them?” That is the task of the visionary- to paint a picture of a preferred picture, and invite others to go on a journey with you.

Most all of us enjoy traveling. Great visionaries have the capacity to take us on trips without a vehicle.  As a culture, we love movies because they take us somewhere. Where is Jesus calling us to go as a community of faith? What is the Spirit stirring in you, your work colleagues, your family, your friends?

In Mark 1:29-39, Jesus is getting his ministry career on track. He has been healing folks. It is obvious he values serving. Then he goes out to a “lonely place to pray.” Serving, healing, praying- it all seems to make sense. Jesus is drawing up his vision for the world, just as one would                                                                      have expected.

Then in Mark 1: 37-38, the crowds continue to come, asking for Jesus' help. The disciples go out “searching for Jesus...” When they find him, Jesus has an odd response to their request to come back and serve some more.  He says, “Let us go on to the neighboring towns….”  WHAT?! Jesus' career is off and running and he turns down the work that he came to do? WHAT?!

Jesus clearly came to show us what we want. Steve Jobs would be proud of Jesus' visionary way. We never would have known what we want, had he not told us. Jesus came to show that it is ok to seek rest. It is ok to not meet everyone else’s needs.  And Jesus came to testify to the fact that we have a God that we cannot control, nor whom we can contain.  This Jesus goes where he wills and does as he pleases. And one thing he is not caught up in, is pleasing everybody all the time.  Jesus' vision was to please God. Thanks be to God!

Still in One Peace,
Pastor David J. Jensen

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