What I Learned in April

Happy May! At the end of each month blogger/author Emily Freeman shares what she learned that month and invites others to do the same. This is my 3rd month making this list. I like it, it’s an opportunity to be intentional about not skipping over stuff, but to focus on the lessons, incorporate them into my life and become more of who God dreams I can be. So that we can all be who God dreams we can be. Check out Emily’s list and scroll down to see all the others who posted as well. It’s funny, silly and serious.

Here are some things I learned in April.

Everyone needs a chance to enjoy being creative. Coloring eggs at Easter time is fun. 

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of being yourself.” ~ Anna Quindlen

Too much information (hello internet!) can feed the perfection monster and lead to feelings of inadequacy. This piece on how myths that are making motherhood miserable applies to much of modern life. How can I step back from trying to learn and being current and trusting in Jesus’ mercy to allow me to be all who God dreams I can be?  

The best “healthy” rice crispy treats! So good. 

Listening to a bunch of different people talk about Jesus is really cool. If you didn't get to join us at the Simplyl Jesus Gathering, you missed out.  Here are couple gems.

  • “God is too busy loving us to have any time to be disappointed in us.” ~ Fr Gregory Boyle   
  • "If you follow Jesus, you stand where he stands." ~ Fr Gregory Boyle
  • "God said all he needed to say in Jesus." ~ Brian Zahnd
  • "If you want to recognize Jesus, look for the wounds." ~ Leonard Sweet
  • "The greatest story Jesus ever told is the story of you." ~ Ted Dekker
  • "Your only journey in life is to see who you already are." ~ Ted Dekker
  • "The only time  you find God in a box is because God wants to be where you are." ~ Paul Young
  • "Jesus' words disorient me, but his actions magnetize me." ~ Dick Foth 

It’s not that we are generous people or not generous people. We can become generous people. God is growing our generosity as a community of faith at GGCC. We had an increase in pledges and in people increasing their pledge in this year’s Consecration Sunday stewardship campaign for the GGCC general operating funds. 49 pledges, 35 pledges increased, $265,544. Thanks be to God.

Sometimes you need a little encouragement or want to hear something that will make you feel smart – here are 15 TedTalks that they claim will change your life. Good stuff including the one by my fave, Dr Brene Brown.  

The Moral Bucket List – what it looks like to practice being who Jesus dreams you can be. (Although the author doesn’t mention Jesus.) Good stuff. 

12 year olds are a compassionate bunch. Kenzie told me about this documentary titled “Living On One Dollar”. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but so far it’s really good. And thought-provoking about what it means to live in poverty.  

What did you learn in April? Comment and share.

We’ll be looking for you at 9 or 10:30 am tomorrow as come together to remind ourselves that we are joined to Jesus who states, “I am the vine”. John 15:1-8

Grace and peace,



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