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Lights, shopping, action! That’s Christmas in America. There are so many great displays of lights. People shopping like maniacs buying those last minute presents. There are Santa’s all over the place. Kmart was open until midnight on Christmas Eve. On Christmas, I thought everything was closed except movie theaters and Chinese restaurants. Then I saw “we’re open” signs on gas stations and McDonalds. I could not believe it. I thought everything was closed on Christmas but I guess you can still get gas and a Big Mac. Then I thought about that sign for our hearts.

Sometimes in life, I think we got that “we’re closed” instead of “we’re open” sign on our hearts. During the holidays and family get together, we don’t want to talk to that odd or weird relative but our Mom forces us to in order to become more sociable. At work, we got those employees who have disorders or just rub us the wrong way so we stay away or shy away from them. At church, we got those families with weird or mean kids or parents that keep talking and talking and talking. We have that “we’re open” sign when we feel comfortable with the people around us and we have that “we’re closed” sign when we don’t feel comfortable with the people around us.

Heaven is a place of souls. Everybody in Heaven definitely is wearing the “we’re open” sign because of how wonderful and awesome our God is. Acceptance, love, care, and togetherness are the staples in God’s wonderful family. God wants that so much for us here. To live with each other and to love each other means to open your heart. It’s not an easy thing to do. It takes a lifetime to just get on the right track but with our church, God’s Grace, we definitely are on the right track.

Something else that can get us on the right track is the Lord Jesus Christ. He was the ultimate role model. His life is a blueprint for us to try to adapt in our life. Each day is a chance for us to live, to learn, and to love. I know everybody says be like Christ and it is so true. A new year is coming. Look at Christ to bring on the new self. Look at the sign Christ is wearing on his heart “I’m always open”.

In Christ,

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