Well Done

Doesn't that phrase “Well Done” make you have a craving for a nice, fat, juicy steak? Or some sizzling hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken on a fiery grill? Well, a lot of that was going on July 4th a little while ago. People were celebrating with marvelous parades and the best fireworks in the whole world. But people say, why are we celebrating this country? The number of unemployed people is staggering. Home prices are dropping like a brick to the ground. Obesity is skyrocketing like those fireworks. People are more and more miserable at work. There seems to be no end to it.

Well, there is something called hope, my friends. And God is the number one source of that thing called hope. People have been through these rough times before. This country has been through these rough times before. The single most devastating event in our country recently, had to be 9/11. So many innocent people died and they probably still haven’t found all the bodies yet. Families were in tears and people lost their love ones in the blink of an eye. But yet God was there through it all. People rose to the occasion. They were lending a helping hand amidst all the devastation. People all over the country were donating blood for the worthy cause. Parents, teachers, and children gathered around the flagpole praying for the people who were so devastated. People lived on. They didn’t quit. And neither should we now, because God is always there for us.

It says that when two or more gather in His name, God is with us and He hears us loud and clear. I think the most important thing for me about 9/11 was that people gathered together to help those in need. It shouldn’t stop there at 9/11. It should continue on as people continue on - to live life, to help and take care of each other. I think our church does a wonderful job to bring people together to help those in need in our surrounding community. I can’t wait to see the entire faithful bow down to our awesome God and He with a smile shining so bright that darkness is no match for it and says “Well done, good and faithful servants.”

In Christ,

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