We Will Be Their Saints

Psalm 52:9 (New International Version)

I will praise you forever for what you have done;
in your name I will hope, for your name is good.
I will praise you in the presence of your saints.

It is always stunning to read the names of the saints we are remembering on All Saints Day. My heart tugged a bit when my Aunt’s name came on the screen. I love that we stop and take a moment in worship to recognize the people who have brought us here. But, what about the saints we don’t know?

Years ago Randy and I had the privilege of leading a mortgage burning ceremony. Have you ever had the pleasure of attending such an event? It was truly humbling. The history of our church home began to unfold as we prepared for this rare event. Broomfield United Methodist church was founded in 1888 by 12 meeting at a school until 1900 when they began meeting in someone’s home. In 1908 they built a small one room church house. They eventually built a bigger facility. Years later a sanctuary was added on, it was the sanctuary we had gathered in for this special day. It was time to burn the mortgage for the old sanctuary to make way for building on a new larger sanctuary, a fellowship hall /gym, and a wing of classrooms for a preschool. Our church had grown from a few faithful “Saints” to over 1000 families worshipping in 4 services every Sunday.

We received 11 years of worshipping and growing spiritually under the umbrella of love and sacrifice that those original 12 founded so many years ago. At God’s Grace Community Church we have a chance to be those saints for future generations. We owe it to the original 12 of the Church, Peter, Andrew, James the greater, James the lesser, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Thaddeus, Simon, & Matthias. (Judas had betrayed Christ so Matthias took his place.) They sacrificed everything for us! We hold the gospel in our hands because these brave souls died so that we might believe! Now that is truly humbling.

We are stretched to the limits with finances like everyone else. This holiday season we are starting a small fund to give to the church. We will place the money we might have spent on a Starbucks, or a Chipotle or some other treat. It isn’t much, but somewhere down the road, a young family will walk in the doors of our future church home and find the umbrella of our love and sacrifice. We will be their saints on All Saints day and they won’t even know our names!

Abba Father, help us to find the faith and perseverance to build your church. Help us to first build ourselves up in the body of Christ, acting as your servants in the world. Guide us as we move into the future and seek to build a church home, a foundation for building up others in the body of believers.

Julie Weldon

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1. Vikki wrote:
Thanks for your words and actions Julie. It's so easy to forget we sit in the shade of trees we didn't plant, enjoy freedoms we didn't fight for and are blessed by generations of saints who preceded us. Thanks for the reminder and the challenge.

Tue, November 3, 2009 @ 12:11 PM

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