Washed in our Br “OK” enness

“Even a broken clock is right two times a day.” This is my fortune from a wonderful meal out with friends on Ash Wednesday. Broken can be right?

This is the time of year where I find myself doing a little extra self-reflection. We are entering the season of Lent. Ash Wednesday has come and gone, and I’ve celebrated another birthday – Woo Hoo!!

The other day I went for a walk in the beautiful Colorado sunshine. As I was crossing the street, being careful to avoid the snow melt and run off, I noticed a stone. In that split second, it looked like a heart being washed in the water. It looked cool, so I picked it up only to find that outside of the water, it had an entirely different appearance.

In the water it looked like a heart. Outside the water it was just a stone. Even though it changed in appearance, I decided it grabbed my attention for a reason, so I held onto it for a few seconds, placed it in my pocket and kept walking. I found this interesting and it got me thinking. Who has my heart? Who has yours? How many of us and how often do we hide our hearts and our brokenness? We hide and keep on walking. God, however, sees it all. He sees what we sometimes can’t put into words. He knows what we are afraid to share with others; afraid of what people might think. God also takes our sins, our wounds and our brokenness and washes it all away. He transforms our hearts in ways that we don’t always see right away.

A number of years ago, I wrote the following, “… I began to ponder the word “Broken.” Have you ever really looked at this word? Have you ever noticed that the word “OK” appears in the middle … how it is hugged and sandwiched right in the middle of the rest of the letters? The next few minutes I was lost in thought about how when I feel broken and lost, I am really ok … I am ok because I am hugged and sandwiched by God and all that He has given me. He has given me His unconditional love … He has given me the love of family … of friends … and even that kind word or encounter with a complete stranger. All of these things help to make the brokenness fade away.”

So even when we are feeling broken, we are OK. We are right. Our brokenness from past relationships, employment that didn’t work out or from things that are out of our control, God washes our hearts and heals us. He is with us as this brokenness leads to new opportunities and adventures.

It isn’t always easy to share what’s on our hearts or to let people know what has broken us. It is my hope, my wish and my prayer that the next time you feel like you are cracked or broken or lost -- know and remember that you are hugged, loved and OK, all by the Grace of God.

Dear God, Thank you for being present in our brokenness and for unconditionally walking beside us as our hearts are healed. Please help us to walk past our fears of being vulnerable; may we stop being stubborn and find the courage to share not only our joys but also our brokenness with others. Thru Your grace and mercy, may we see the beautiful blessings of friendship, love and support in our lives. May we know that we are OK in our Br “OK” enness. In Your name we pray, Amen.

April Schauer

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