I’d rather not wait.  How about you?  We have certainly become a culture of people who don’t like to wait for anything.  Fast food, on demand movies, instant messaging have all become standard.

Waiting is hard.  Waiting in traffic, in line or for a package to arrive (why not have sent overnight?)  There’s waiting for the pot to boil, the cake to bake or the meat to thaw.  Waiting for true love or the birth of a child; the seeds to sprout, the snow to melt or the sun to come up.  Waiting requires something we don’t have: patience.

But God on the other hand, is great at waiting.  God waits for us.  God waits for creation to do its thing.  God is patient.

Today is Holy Saturday – the day between Good Friday and Easter.  Jesus is dead and not yet resurrected.  God waited.  Jesus waited.  It was part of God’s idea.  A different sort of King.  An unexpected miracle.  A time of darkness.  God could certainly have had an instantaneous resurrection but chose to wait.

So today we might, just for a day, practice our waiting.  Step into the longest line.  Make something that requires more than just a zap in the microwave.  Look around at what the earth is doing this spring.  Take some time to just…wait.  Instead of turning away from suffering, lean into it just a little bit.

There will be Good News tomorrow.  We can be assured of that. 

But today, we wait.

See you in the morning at 9 or 10:30 for the celebration to come, but until then may the hours pass by slowly and the opportunity to just live in the darkness be ours.

In patience,

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