View From Above

I love to watch sports on television, especially football. You've heard of the phrase armchair quarterback or sofa coach. People yelling at the television telling the players to go right or go left like they have control of it. It is easy for us watching television because we have a view of the whole playing field. It is a view from above. It is like playing a video game where we can see where everything is coming from. It is totally different when you are on the field. There is no bird’s eye view. We can only see what is coming at us. We make the wrong move and people will boo us. On the field, there is no luxury of seeing the whole playing field from above. But sometimes we think we can. We feel that our view is the only view, but we do not see the whole picture.

I think life is like that sometimes. We do things and people criticize saying this is not the way to do things. But we should not feel bad but feel good about it because it is our way of doing things. Only one person can see the whole picture and what part we play in it and that is God almighty. He sees everything from above. He sees the whole picture and we should trust Him and His way. God is the way, the truth, and the life. We can’t explain why bad things happen to good people or why good things happen to bad people. All we know is that God sees the whole playing field, not us. One true thing is that no matter how rough life can get, God will always be there to see us through.

We also have to realize that everybody is on this playing field. Even if people do bad things on this field, we cannot just kick them off the field. Everybody is important to God. He loves all people regardless of any situation. I heard a church was encouraging its people to pray for those who are responsible for the Boston bombing. What a sign of encouragement and forgiveness. Most people want to throw them off the field and hard. But God is a merciful God. If somehow those people responsible can ask for forgiveness and give their life to Christ, wouldn’t it be amazing? Some people don’t give a second chance to people, but our God is the God of second chances. We should be like that too.

I don’t know how life is going to play out. I don’t have the whole picture or the view from above. But the things that we do which are good or bad, the whole journey in which God sees is beautiful. God loves people’s life journey especially when encouragement, forgiveness, mercy, joy, patience, and kindness is given to us, and as well, given by us.

In Christ,
Stan Yee

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