Upside Down

Dear Brothers and Sisters ,

I may not seem all that Jesus-like to most of you, but I do share with Jesus one thing, we are both morning people. “Very early the next morning , long before daylight, Jesus got up and left the house. He went out of town to a lonely place where he prayed (Mark 1:35).” We each know having time alone with Jesus is important, but everyone I know wishes they had more of that time. With all the demands of daily life crashing down upon us, it can feel to get enough time to satisfy our need to hang out with Jesus would require the world getting turned upside down.

The world of the Haitian people has been turned upside down. Literally what used to be ceilings and floors are now heaps of rubble. Roads are now impassable ruins. The center of Haitian commerce government has become the center of devastation and loss. Both the rich and the poor are now helpless, homeless and hurting. Nothing is the same and normal will never be normal again.

God did not send the earthquake to Haiti and please dismiss any drummed up theology that says God did. Jesus weeps once more over the city of Port au Prince. Jesus is also out early in the morning, before it is light, praying alone in the streets. A portion of Jesus' prayer is that normal will never be normal again. God desires that we will rise up and join God in turning things upside down so that the world says the poverty and hopelessness that has marked the poorest country in the western hemisphere will be no more. Lord have mercy and do not let normal be normal anymore.

After Jesus went to be out on the deserted place by himself some of the disciples found him and said , “(Jesus ) everyone has been looking for you”. Jesus responded by saying never mind them, I need to do what I came to do (Mark 1:38). They want Jesus to be responsive to their needs, but Jesus will not be controlled and contained, he must do what he needs to do.

I have heard a great outcry from many of you what can I do for Haiti? Thanks be to God for your desire to serve. The world is upside down and we each want to do our part to make it right side up again. Perhaps one action we could each take is to find that lonely place to pray more than we have in the past and ask God not to make it all normal again. May Jesus reach into our world and give us the new normal only God can offer, that brings hope, healing and joy in doses no meter on earth can measure.

See you on Sunday.

Still in one peace,

David J. Jensen

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