Unique Times

Dear Sinners and Saints,


I hear many folks talking about “how unique a time we live in.” The impression I get is that no one has ever faced the difficult times that are before us. I suppose that to be true, just as every snowflake is different from all the rest. Yet each flake that falls in my drive needs to be scooped just like all the rest.


We do live in “unique times,” however God has been in difficult times before and found a way to navigate. During the 12th century the ice age swept across Europe.  The 15th century had the bubonic plague. The Roman Empire was destroyed. In the 1500’s the one true church was torn asunder by the events of the Reformation.  Or how about when the powerhouse of the United Kingdom was undermined and overwhelmed by thirteen colonies?


In Joshua 3:15, Joshua stands on the brink of crossing the great river to lead  the Israelites  into the promised land. The text says, “…and the feet of the priests bearing the ark were dipped in the edge of the water…”  The reference is to the fact that they are beginning the process of crossing over to the land once promised their ancestor Moses. The people had suffered many hardships and lost hope on various occasions. Yet God would not let them go! God had claimed these people and had full intention to see the journey through with them to the Promised Land.


Let us keep our trust in the God who created us and who has maneuvered our ancestors through various “unique times” in human history.  For God has claimed us and will not let us go. May we have the courage to dip our toes in the water, trusting God to get us to the other side.


 See you on Sunday.


 Still in one peace,


 Pastor David J. Jensen


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