Unexpected Pulpit

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

There is quote from Ghandi that I have heard from several sources and in multiple places. was once asked by a close friend, ”If you admire Jesus so much, why don’t you become a Christian? “ Ghandi reportedly replied, ”When I meet a Christian who is a follower of Jesus I may consider it.”

I think Ghandi may have had this week’s text in mind when he responded. In Luke 5:1-11, Jesus tells us where the church is, and what following him into the world will demand.

In Luke 5, Jesus has crowds pushing in on him. He does not say , " there will be a meeting at the church building tonight, complete with coffee and a casserole.” What he does do is ask if he can borrow a boat and he pushes out a bit from shore and he begins to teach via his floating pulpit (Luke 5:3).

The second thing Jesus does that I want to point out,  is he makes a demand. These fisherman who are called out by Jesus at the seaside to join him are asked to make a tough choice. They left “everything behind” (Luke 5:11).

As you journey through the world, do you see Jesus each day somewhere, someplace floating by on an unexpected pulpit? I guarantee that day by the seaside was the first day he did it, and Jesus has been out in the world visible to each of us, each day since. He is accessible and teaching right now, just as he did by the seaside in Luke 5.

Do you take the time each day to unplug- from TV, TiVo, laptops, cell phones, email, radio’s, iPods, twitter, cable, dvd’s,work, family, magazines, books, chores and other people to focus on prayer and scripture to hear Jesus voice? I guarantee the call to follow has gone out every day since that day by the seaside and it is coming to you. Will you drop “everything” even for a moment to follow Jesus?

See you on Sunday.

Still in one peace,

David J. Jensen

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