Two Texts: Scripture and Creation

Science fiction has a long history of conveying complex current issues through a lens of a futuristic or alien setting to give a bit of distance with the true human subjects of the problem. In the show, The Expanse, one of these issues that is dealt with is how religion, specifically Christianity, deals with new science and the possibility of alien life. The line that really struck me is a paraphrase of some of the teachings of St. Augustine of Hippo by a pastor in a group witnessing alien technology and contact for the first time.

God gave us two texts, scripture and creation, and if they seem to contradict it's because we haven’t understood one of them yet

As someone who has struggled settling these apparent contradictions this line really resonated with me. This is a very Enlightenment-esque that was talked about more than a millennium beforehand. This brings a solid new theorem of the relationship between science and religion for me. No matter where your scientific or religious background is, I feel you can fall somewhere in this process/spectrum. There is a tug and pull in modern society with new things we discover about the universe, we better understand the scripture, and vice versa. Scripture can provide context and direction to the way we understand creation and the universe. Let us not fear science, or its relationship of science, but as a way to better understand God’s texts and love.

Sam Jacobs

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