True Identity

Dear Children Born of Human Mothers,

In the moments when you and I want to reach out and hurt another it is because we feel harmed. Slandering another's reputation or desiring physical harm to come to the other is the result of our not feeling sufficient in who we are. In the moment when we react to hurt the other, something has gone off within our being that has caused us to feel inferior to the other.

In Acts 8 , Philip comes upon a Ethiopian eunuch. The eunuch is reading the scriptures. He is asked by Phillip,”  If he understands what he is reading?” The eunuch responds ,” How can I unless someone guides me.” (Acts 8:31) From there the conversation swerves into the truth that the eunuch is considered to be a second class person. Eunuchs were not even allowed to be baptized and welcomed into the Kingdom of God. (See Deuteronomy 23:1 for the rated R reality of this). Philip hangs out with the eunuch for a while and eventually asks “what is to prevent you from being baptized?" (Acts 8:37) Down into the  river they go and the eunuch receives identity in Christ through baptism that no one could ever take away from him.

Self-esteem will go up and down depending on how the external factors of the world weigh in upon us. Identity in Christ Jesus is something no one can ever take away from us.

My mother Beverly Rae Jensen saw to it that I understood that self-esteem can go up and down. Kids may call me names, careers have failures and successes, on and on. However, I was ultimately a child of God and no one could take that gift of God's precious grace away from me. My mother  died 18 months ago, but she “..guided me through the scriptures enough ..” that the eternal truth of Christ is forever with me. Thanks be to God that you and I are offered identity in Christ Jesus no force on earth can ever take away from us!

Prayers: For Patty Janson who has been hospitalized this week, for nuclear threats and war, for the hungry, those who mourn, and the gift of motherhood.

“Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

 Still in One Peace, 

Pastor David J. Jensen

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