Complacency – Repetition – Protectiveness

Jeremy Gutsche, CEO, and author, Better Faster, spoke at my organization’s annual conference last month. He spoke of there being three neurological traps that block smart people from adapting to change.

We are seeing today’s world at the highest rate of change: think about what our phones are capable of compared to just a few years ago. Gutsche terms complacency, repetition, and protectiveness as “traps that prevent us from reaching our full potential.”

Do those three traps prevent us from reaching our full potential with our Lord and Savior?

“Once something starts to work, we get too comfortable,”Gutsche says. “When things are sailing smoothly, people get their salaries, pay their mortgages and do what was done before.”

Oh, how easy it is to reach out to God only when we are hurting and in need. And oh, how easy it is to forget to walk with Jesus when all is going great.

We are pre-wired to repeat actions based on previous success. . . .

How often do we sing a song or recite the Lord’s Prayer without even hearing our words? How often do we go about the routine of the day acting oblivious to God’s wonder?

Our evolutionary instincts tell us to protect what’s ours and how we got there. In the modern working world, this translates to an over protectiveness of our insights and all of the decisions that led to our success, Gutsche says.

Isn’t everything we own provided by our Heavenly Father? Why do we waste so much time and effort collecting and protecting our stuff?

Heavenly Jesus,
Praise You for all You have given us. Praise You for our desire to think differently about how we conduct our lives. Help us to reach out to You always – not just when the going is rough. Help us to hear Your words and to see Your magnificent world around us. And help us to let go of protecting the “things” that don’t matter.

Have a great day, God. Love ya!

Jill Balaban

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