Today was my first anniversary on my job. I started with a new company on April 18, 2012, the past year has been a whirlwind. This past year went so fast.

I am one of seven kids, number 5 in the “food chain.” I remember when my oldest brother David turned 21, I thought, I will never be that old. David is going to be 62 this year. Where did the years go. It has gone so fast.

My mom will be 82 this year- I remember as a little girl how pretty she was. I wonder where did the time go. She is a grandmother now. Where did the time go ?

My kids are 15 and 18….I found pictures a few days ago and Nich is about 2 and Zach is 5 in the picture, they were beautiful little boys and now they are handsome,young men. Where did the time go ?

Time, it is moving so fast, it stops for no one, it moves faster and faster the older I get. What am I going to do about it?

I am praying more.

I am reconnecting with some old friends

I am trying to be more patient, less frustrated.

I am writing thank you notes and not thank you emails.

I am getting more involved in the high school Nich attends.

I am calling my brothers once a week, just to say “Hi” I love you.

I have decided today to not let my mother make me crazy. She is not going to change, and time is not going to wait for me to stop being angry at her.

I am not worrying about my unanswered email after a long day at work. No one is there to answer it anyway.

Today is what God has given us, nothing else is guaranteed, tomorrow may not come. I thank God for this beautiful Spring day, I thank God for my family and friends, for my church. Time is a gift that has so much value, so much worth, we do not know the worth until it is gone. God’s peace and amen.

Maureen Herzog

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