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Dear Sons and Daughters,

G. Campbell Morgan , along with149 other young men, was seeking entrance into the Wesleyan ministry in 1888. He passed the doctrinal examinations and began to prepare for his trial sermon. When the crucial day came, Morgan stepped behind the pulpit of the one thousand–seat auditorium and preached to three minsters and seventy–five others who came to listen.

Two weeks after preaching that sermon, Campbell’s name appeared on a list along with 104 others who had been rejected for the ministry that year. Morgan sent a telegram to his father that contained one word : ‘rejected .' His diary entry that day read : ‘Very dark everything seems. Still, He knoweth best.'

Campbell’s father's brief response came quickly and serves as an encouragement for those of us who long for the approval of our heavenly Father. His message read : ‘Rejected on Earth. Accepted in heaven. Dad .' –Les Hughes, The Sound of God’s Applause (Nashville :Broadman and Holtman 1999), 21.

It is yet another day of PTSS(Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) for me. Another school shooter. The sights, sounds, and smells of 15 years ago, walking amongst the Columbine victims, feel like yesterday. This time the story has unfolded in Troutdale, Oregon -a suburb of Portland. The question of “why” will ring out yet again. It will takes days for the investigation to start uncovering facts that will explain the “why.” Regardless of the evidence from the investigation, debate will rage on the “why”, and issues such as gun control will rise to the surface once more.

A couple things we do know for sure. First, Jesus weeps yet again. Christ has taken yet another bullet on yet another Good Friday, June the 10th, 2014. Second, we know that if every Father in this country reminds his children with regularity that they might be “rejected on earth , but they are accepted in heaven,” violence and needless gunfire will erode to nearly nothing, as the community of those who dwell in the identity of the heavenly Father's love as God’s children swells.

Fathers who feel rejected, hear the good news that the heavenly Father has accepted you! Now share the message with disciplined intent to your children. Let us embrace the only power that can transform the world!

Still in one peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen

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