The Voice

God became human. It’s like a shoemaker who becomes a shoe. Who does that?

Nothing. No light, no time, no substance, no matter – the Voice was there. Before anything moved, mutated or mated, Jesus, God’s Voice, was there with God from the kick-off. How come? ‘Cos Jesus, “God’s Voice”, is God. Before anything began, they had always been. Before there was even anywhere to be, they were there.

Jesus got the name “God’s Voice” because he just spoke and stuff started. From nothing to everything, sparked only by the Voice. There’s nothing that doesn’t have the phrase, “made by Jesus” stamped on it somewhere. His words were life itself, and they lit up people’s lives – his light could blast its way into the dingiest corner, and yet the people who preferred darkness still missed it.

So God sends John Baptizer to raise Jesus’ profile: to lift up the Light. His job spec doesn’t exactly fill an entire page – it just reads, Help people take it in and take it on.” Obviously, John’s not the Light: he’s just there to build expectation and commentate when the genuine article makes his entrance and starts lighting things up.

And when he does? Bizarre! No one recognized him! He speaks them into existence, but they don’t recognize him or his voice. He arrives at the front door of his people, and most don’t even peek out of the spy-hole to check. The few who take the risk realize who he is, open up and knock a meal together. To these guys he starts doling out adoption papers to sign them up as God’s children. Conceived by human passion? No, by God’s passion!

So God’s Voice gets flesh and blood, skin and bone. He spends time with us; we hang around with him, get to know him, see what he’s like. And? As magnificent, as superb as you’d expect God’s only Son to be…and heaps more! God’s over-the-top gifts oozing from every pore: everything he does and says rings true.

Paraphrase of John 1:1-14 from The Word on the Street by Rob Lacey


We’ll be looking for you tomorrow at 9:00 or 10:30 as we remind one another to welcome Jesus at Christmas. The band will be there. It’ll be a great morning of worship.

Grace and peace,

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