The Touch of the Master's Hand

We have all seen the famous image Michelangelo painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. God is reaching out to Adam and their fingers touch. It is a breathtaking work of art. It has the ability to stir something spiritual in me. I can’t help but wonder what that would feel like…to be touched so intimately by God’s hand.

Almost two years ago I started teaching art at a local Senior Residence facility. My Dad’s investment in my education degree is finally paying off! My students are in their 80’s and 90’s, many with the frustrations of failing brain functions. I have to admit I felt a bit scared when I first started… How did I end up here?

Lincoln Meadows is on my way home. I would pass by nearly every day as it was under construction. One day, months before the facility was completed, I heard God’s voice say to me: “I want you to apply for a job here and teach art.”

“Really?” I said.

“Really!” God said.

It has been a wonderful adventure and I wish I could introduce you to all the amazing students… I think they teach me more than I teach them. Just a couple of weeks ago I had a new gal join our group. She had on too much make up and way too much perfume. Ugh! I am allergic to perfume and I knew this was going to be a long hour.

I tried to welcome her with all the love and kindness I could muster while holding my breath. Her smile was radiant and I asked her what she wanted me to draw for her to paint.

“A flower would be nice.”

“Luella” complimented me on my drawing abilities and I shared how my mom would tell me that I had been an Artist ever since I could hold a crayon in my hand. This really delighted her and she reached out and ever so softly touched my hand.

Ahhhh… The Master’s Touch!

So now I know what it is like to receive God’s loving touch in the most unexpected way!

I was so moved by the stories this Sunday of those who were “sent “ to Nicaragua. I think they might agree that they too know what it is like to receive God’s loving touch.

Where will God send you? How do you serve His children? It is okay to be afraid…just go or you will miss out on your chance to receive the Master’s touch!

Julie Weldon

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