The Invitation

Dear Seekers,

One of the great quotes of Johns gospel is, “Come and see” (John 1). What motivates you to invite another to “come and see?” When have you answered the invitation to“come and see” with enthusiasm and you were not disappointed?

My nephew Vince who is a freshman at Baylor went to chapel there Monday and the topic was “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus.” The related quote right now that is oft repeated by many is “I am not religious but I am spiritual.” I am not sure what people mean when they say that, nor am I convinced that each person is implying the same message? What I fear is that the parts of spiritual formation we like we call the “spiritual” and spiritual discipline we don’t care for so much we call useless “religion.” So my fear is that this statement is an invitation to further allow consumerism to gain a greater grasp on the church. The opportunity is in the capacity of those (like me) who have concerns about these matters to find ways to reach out and love those with differing views.

What I think we all want to “come and see” is the Love of God. Vince quoted Jay Adams in his devotion. “Love for God and one’s neighbor constitutes the sum of God’s requirements for the Christian. The man (or woman) who love needs no counseling. Love cements relationships between God and humans and human with human. While love attracts, fear repeals. When love gives, lust grabs. What love builds, hatred destroys. With love communication flourishes; with resentment it withers. Love is the ultimate answer to all the problems of living. Love, therefore, is the goal.” Jay Adams

What any of us want to “come and see” is the love of God. Take time today to enter into the invitation to “come and see” the love of God, to feel the love of Jesus wash over you. Then take the time to offer the words “come and see” to another. To receive the full blessing of this process requires the discipline to do it which some might call religion, and the heart to absorb the truth of God’s mercy which surrounds you which others might call the spiritual.

This video may also assist you to come and see the intention of Jesus this day.

Who are you praying about inviting to "come and see"? Attached is a prayer card for you to write down their names, put in a place where you will see and pray that God might be up to something.

My thanks to my young nephew who literally gave me the thoughts and words I share with you. Vince, your invitation to “come and see” has blessed me.

Still in One Peace,

Pastor David J. Jensen

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