The Good, Bad and Ugly Fish

I hope I didn’t conjure up scenes of Clint Eastwood ready for a gun fight, with carp and walleye in his gun holsters. I just participated in the men’s fishing outing and boy, it was a trip. I was amidst the most beautiful fish-catching scenery of my lifetime. We were using all these different fishing lures that I am not familiar with. We caught catfish by dipping the lure in some kind of nasty smelling, ugly looking, and disgusting stink bait. I didn’t enjoy that part too much. There was so much equipment and different types of bait to use, that it was hard to keep track of. I guess different fish are attracted to different things, just like different people are attracted to different things. Yet God and Christ attract all different people of the world with the same thing called love.

God’s love is real. Since the beginning of time, God’s love remains the same and stands firm forever. As God’s people, we must show God’s love to different kinds of people. We should not mock people for who they are. We should accept them for who they are. We must show them that God’s love is the way, the truth, and the life in this crazy world. There are a lot of fish out there in the world that have never tasted God’s love. You just have to put it out there and sooner or later, they will come and be interested. We should not be discouraged if we don’t get a bite or two at the beginning. Being on the boat, it sometimes felt like days before getting any bites from fish. Focus and perseverance is what God wants us to learn, to become mature, complete, and lacking in nothing.

Jesus wanted his disciples to be fishers of men. He wants that for all of us, as well. Go out there, but use one kind of bait and that is God’s love. Show your heart. Show your spirit. Show your mind. Just like in the movie “Field of Dreams,” people will come. They will gather around you wanting to listen to what you say. It is the Holy Spirit talking through you and not just you talking, that will bring people to God.

So everyone get your fishing pole and go out there and be fishers of men. Leave the lures and especially the stink bait at home. You only need one kind of bait and that is God’s love. I received God’s love more than 25 years ago and throughout the years, I am definitely hooked (get it!?)

In Christ,

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