The Gardener

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In Genesis 1:22 and 1:28 the scripture says, "God blessed them…”  When God blessed them, heaven and earth were one.  These blessed people lived in a garden.  Gardens are where people become one with nature and things are produced.  When humankind sinned and they were relocated from the garden, an event had occurred that only God could restore through Jesus.

Fast-forward to the New Testament.  In John 20, the resurrection has occurred but humankind is only beginning to find that out.  In John 20:15, Jesus comes up to Mary and says, "Woman why are you weeping?  Whom are you looking for?"  Mary does not recognize Jesus.  Then the text takes on an interesting twist, the scripture says she thought he was, "the gardener.”  Is it any wonder that she mistook the risen Jesus to be a gardener?  Jesus had risen from the dead to come back and lead all people into some gardening.  With Jesus' resurrection, “God blessed them." (Genesis 1:22,28)  People were once more one with the creator.  Through Jesus, God had restored the environment of Genesis.  God had blessed them.

Jesus the “Gardener” calls us to be participants with God in the garden of this world and to see if heaven and earth cannot collide.  If you look at Genesis chapters 1 and 2, you will find whatever you love: exploration, naming, learning, organizing, aesthetics, relationship building, creating, and worship.  What portion of Genesis 1 and 2 is in you?  What do you do that brings you into “the flow", which is that place where you lose track of time in the midst of your God-given passion?  The Master Gardener, the risen Jesus wants you to utilize what God has created you to love and join God in the garden of this world.  When we partner with the Master Gardener, heaven and earth indeed collide.

There is a fresh vision that this Master Gardener is beginning to stir among the people of GGCC.  Steps are being taken to move deeper into the “blessing process” that was outlined by Dr. Reggie McNeal when he was here in April.  In large part, the “blessing process" will involve identifying the things we were created to do and offering them up to the community within and outside the tribe of GGCC.  I am confident we will see God grow quite a garden.  It is going to be exciting to see what the God who keeps all promises produces.

See you on Sunday.

Still in one peace,

David J. Jensen

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