The Eye in the Storm

“Through the prayer of rest, God places his children in the eye of the storm. When all around us is chaos and confusion, deep within we know stability and serenity. In the midst of struggle we are still relaxed.” Claire Cloninger

My family blesses me every day with their presence. My God’s Grace family blesses me with their prayers and support. Both have my back when times get tough and I rarely have to look back to see if they are there. The times we live in don’t always feel very loving. The psalm below assures me of a loving God who wants me to come to him with all that is in me, my ego, prejudices, my fears, all of my flaws. He wants me to talk to him and tell him whatever I want. Anything we say to God is what God wants to hear. Who else can we be so totally honest with? Who else can consistently, patiently, be with us sharing everything that touches our heart?

Psalm 91: 

"Those who dwell in the shelter of infinite Light, who abide in the wings of infinite Love, will raise their voices in praise.

My refuge and my strength, in you alone will I trust. For you deliver me from the web of fear, from all that separates and divides. You protect me as an eagle shields it’s young, your faithfulness is sure, like an arrow set upon its mark.

I will not fear the shadows of the night, nor the confusion that comes by day, nor the dreams that awaken me from sleep, nor the changes that life brings.

Though a thousand may deride this radical trust, ten thousand laugh as I seek to do your will, yet will I surrender myself to you, abandoning myself into your hands without reserve.

For you have sent your angels to watch over me, to guide me in all my ways. On their hands, they will bear me up, lest I dash my foot against a stone.

Though I walk among those who roar like a lion, or are as stealthy as the adder, in your strength I will be saved.

Because you cleave to me in love, I will deliver you, I will protect you who call upon my name. When you call to me, I will answer you, I will be with you in times of trouble, I will rescue you and reverence your life.

All through the years, will I dwell in your heart, as Loving Companion Presence, Forever.”

Psalms for Praying: Nan C. Merrill

Jesus, Your rhythm and love flows around and through all of life and all your creation. Thank you, for making a way for me to come into my Father’s presence. Amen

Lois Autterson

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