The Cord

I can’t imagine the wonder and beauty of a child being born.  Some doctors with 40+ years of experience in child birth still can’t get over how incredible it is.  They hold this beautiful baby in their hands as they cut the umbilical cord and the child is given to the mother to hold in her arms.  The cord is cut physically but will never be cut mentally and spiritually.  The bond between mother and child will live on forever.

As a new mom, the bond with the child is so strong.  It is like a concrete pipeline.  So much time is spent between both.  The mom is totally focused on the child taking care of every need and pouring out so much love. The child is so fragile and needs so much care and love.  The child feels safe in the arms of mom.  It is a beautiful thing to see.  No matter what happens you know that the mom will protect and love her child.  She would go through anything to see her child safe.  Nothing is going to break this connection.

As the child grows up into a teenager, I see sometimes the concrete pipeline turns into a wood pipeline or even something less strong.  Communication problems seemed to arise.  The mom says to herself “I can’t understand my child anymore”, “Why can’t my child be that little fragile baby I held in my arms?”, “Why does my child act, talk, and dress weird?”, and “Why don’t we talk anymore?”  The child says “I don’t understand my mom anymore”, “I want to be free to experience new things and spread my wings, can’t she see that?”, “Why does she keep looking at old photos of the past?”, and “Why don’t we talk anymore?”  Walls are being put up and the cord is losing its strength.

Sometimes, I hope not, that the cord is just a single strand.  There is no communication between the two.  Both live their own lives.  There is not even a call on the special day for mom.  But that’s got to stop.  The cord is a living and breathing thing.  As walls are being broken and communication happens where both sides put all the cards on the table, the cord grows stronger and stronger and becomes that concrete pipeline again.  This not only happens between mother and child but this happens between us and God.  We stray from God sometimes and our cord becomes like a single strand.  But not all is lost.  With prayer, bible, and fellowship, the cord becomes alive and strands are being created so that the cord is stronger than ever.  It just takes that step of communication.

So don’t forget to call your mom and God.  For all you moms out there and also to my mom,
Happy Mother’s Day!  You are the best.


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