The Beauty of God

Last week, my wife and I took a road trip to New Mexico. It was wonderful. I saw beautiful works of art from Georgia O’Keefe. I saw interesting things like the Roswell UFO museum and white sands near Alamogordo. The most wonderful thing I saw was the Carlsbad Caverns. It had so much beauty and grace. How can water, sediment deposits, and time create something so outstanding? The formations and scenery are definitely something worth seeing.

There is something about hitting the road with the wife. She was the most beautiful part of the trip. Spending time talking about things and reflecting about life, gave me so much joy. You see the wife day in and day out and there is so much distraction at home and at work. But take two steps back and just enjoy spending time with each other is something that is priceless. You see the beauty inside each other.

God created so many beautiful things on this earth like the caverns. It is amazing to see and a wonderful feeling to experience. There is a whole world out there to explore. But it is amazing how God took simple things like water, rock sediments, and time to create the most fantastic rock formations in the caverns. God does things so beautifully, especially with us. God gave us a heart. Things like emotions, love, humbleness, time and joy makes the heart grow into something more beautiful than anything on this earth. The human heart is so fragile but yet so powerful. It can grow into something so mighty and beautiful but yet can grow into something so evil. God cares about our heart always and forever. God molds us and shapes our heart to be something wonderful. So take time out from the distractions of the world and guard your heart. It is so precious and yet strong. You will see the beauty in it and you will feel awesome.

In Christ,
Stan Yee

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