As I look around my home at furnishings and decorative objects, and even as I walk outside around the yard, I am acutely aware of how important texture is to me. Texture…not only the visual part, but also the tactile part…you know, how something feels when you touch it.

During springtime shopping at the nursery, picking out container plants, I often choose according to the foliage, rather than the colored bloom of the plant. I love to assemble the pot with plants of varying leaf and stem sizes, just to create visual interest. I have a hard time walking by trees and plants without reaching out to discover what the bark or the leaves feel like. I love the look of different ornamental grasses blowing in the wind, some with thick, dense blades and others with fine, delicate foliage.

I recently spent time looking for fabric in preparation of a sewing project. I wondered around the store, not only looking for that elusive choice, but reaching out and touching many bolts of fabric. My search was for something not only visually appealing, but that also felt pleasant to the touch. And of course, I was looking for fabric with a lot of “texture,” that stuff I like so much!

Webster’s definition of texture is varied…something composed of closely interwoven elements, specifically a woven cloth; essential part (substance) or identifying quality (character); the disposition or manner of union of particles of a body or substance; the visual or tactile surface characteristics and appearance of something.

I may be reaching here (and hopefully haven’t lost those of you not interested in plants and home decor) but let’s think about the “texture” of our lives. Your life is “composed of closely interwoven elements” i.e.…family, career, church, activities, entertainment. What is the “essential part or substance” of your life? What about your “identifying quality or character”? Interesting questions to think about, yes? Do any of you think you could add some texture to your life? Or maybe there’s too much, and yours needs to be smoothed out a bit?

In Mike’s piece yesterday, he spoke of the beautiful colors of fall and asked us to think about “what colors” we are projecting. In a somewhat different thought, I invite you to think of your life as a black and white photo, devoid of color. Is it filled with dimension, and varying texture? How does it look, visually? How does it feel, as you touch it?

All this “tactile talk” reminds me of when our kids were babies and how soft their skin felt. I was always amazed that the texture of their softness could be so different from each other. Taylor’s skin was smoothly soft, like satin, while Evan’s was equally soft, it felt more like velvet. And then there was Garrett’s…again soft, but more like suede. I remember thinking that even if I were blind, I could tell them apart if I could touch their face. How similar, but how different at the same time. Their “texture” was unique indeed!

Gracious and Loving God,
Thank you for filling our lives with texture! May we look to you for guidance in “roughing up” our lives to add some much needed dimension. Likewise, may we listen to your word for help in “smoothing” things out, when the need arises. Amen

Andrea Heshmati

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