Superhero Powers ?

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As my son Dane and I drove to a graduation party we heard a song on the radio by Jerry Jeff Walker (JJF.).Some of the words were, “ Spread your arms, hold your breath, and always trust your cape.“ It seemed to me the message Walker was after was one that called upon the listener to reach down deep within, and to somehow be super human. In reality, we each know how quickly we fall to the ground each time we try to fly with superhero powers.

Each of us fails… ourselves, as well as others. On more than one occasion we have been lonely and afraid. No experience of being human is exempt from sorrow. In John 14:1, Jesus is beginning to say goodbye as he looks out at a group of disciples and he says, “ Do not let your hearts be troubled.” Do not let the core of your being be shaken, even when there is much to trouble us. It is Jesus’ way of saying, “I have got this, trust me!”

Jesus than goes into verses regarding how he is going to prepare, ”a place for them.” However, this text is less about Jesus going to prepare condominiums in the sky and more about our unity in Christ Jesus right now. Jesus is telling all listeners in John 14 that he is here now and forever.

When we look at the sacred Jesus:
We see our hammers.
We see our scars.
We see our hurts.
We see the Jesus who reached out to love us.

Jesus’ nail pierced hands reach out to love us, to lift us, and to bless us, now and forever.This is the hope that that calms troubled hearts now... The hope that gives us a place to belong now and forever.

Still in one peace,

David J. Jensen

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