Sunday to Monday / Second Chances

“To recognize one’s own sin implies also the will to restore broken friendship
and leads to asking for forgiveness and reconciliation. The capacity for forgiveness
itself creates community.”
~ Elsa Tamez

"To infinity and beyond", not Buzz Lightyear, but Jesus says this when teaching how often we must forgive. Why? Because that's how much we are forgiven through God's mercy and grace.

Click here for photos from yesterday.

Take the message of Matthew 18:15-35 into your week.

  • Reflect upon time(s) when poor communication has left you feeling “shredded”. (Matthew 18:15-17)
  • What is the limit to your “forgiveness” threshold? (Matthew 18:18-20) What is Jesus’ limit for you?
  • What is your takeaway from the story in Matthew 18:21-35? What story of forgiveness, mercy and compassion has inspired you?
  • Looking ahead to Sunday: When you hear the word “service”, what comes to mind? 

For Adults & Families: Check out these links and activities



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