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On Sunday, Pastor Dave used Jesus' words from John 17:1-12 about prayer and pointed them as leading to the meaning of life.  He shared Donald Miller's teaching: making goals/having purpose; moving from bitter victim to wounded healer through finding God has redeemed our stories; and being in community.  How might you work these teachings in personal reflection and with others?  

We celebrated Nancy Nickoley Day and affirmed her professional ministry. 

  • What stands out to you in John 17:1-12. Why?
  • Jesus in John 17 is praying. Jesus prayed often. How often do you pray? What have you prayed for recently, and what were the results?
  • Would you agree with Donald Miller that if we do not find a larger purpose and meaning in our lives we seek pleasure vs deeper purpose? How has this dynamic influenced your life? The world?
  • Pray that Jesus will redeem potential bitterness in your life for the glorification of the Heavenly Father (John 17:1-5)
  • Pray that you see a servant of Jesus who serves behind the scenes without applause and human fanfare and offer that person a “thanks be to God for you!” How has Nancy Nickoley served you? Offer to her and the Lord a word of thank you.
  • Looking ahead to next week, Pentecost Sunday, June 8: William H Willimon said, “The Holy Spirit is the engine that drives the church out into the world.” How have you seen the church out in the world? How have you been the church out in the world?

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