Sunday to Monday / Popsicles In My Way

“The role of the church is to take the “hostile” of the world, all that we experience as threatening, and transform it into “hospice,” a place of shelter and rest.”

~ Henri Nouwen 

 What does leadership look like to you? Moses was a great leader who, with God's help, led the Isrealites from slavery to freedom. But Pastor Dave suggest that Moses wasn't a Charlston Heston kind of leader, he was more like a Barney Fife leader! God uses murderers, poor speakers and every excuse one has to not be able to lead and does amazing things. Moses even changed God's mind! 

God can use you and God can use me to transform the world. We just need to be open to hearing God's voice in the burning bushes around us. Pastor Dave shared a story about the song, I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash. When he was young he thought the lyric was "I can see all popsicles in my way" (instead of obstacles) and now that he thinks about it - that works! God can melt all the popsicles(obstacles) in our way! 

Click here to see photos from yesterday's Father Day celebration worship; and here to see pics from the Roxborough Hike on Saturday; and here for pics of last Wednesday's concert on the lawn featuring Ed & Jake Jacobs, Christian Teele and Mark Diamond. 

For your reflections and discussions this week: 

  • What if one of your heroes killed someone? Would you respect a leader who was wanted for murder? (See Exodus 2:11-15 )
  • How does it inform your prayer life that God has some history of changing God’s mind? (See Exodus 32:14 )
  • When have you been called to act in faith (or seen someone else act) with no strong understanding of the outcome? But you knew (they knew) God was calling for human action. (See Exodus 1:13-22)
  • How has face to face interaction better informed or changed your opinion of another person? Pray for Rev Leon Kelly and Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives, and how God might be calling you to deeper involvement.


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