Sunday to Monday | Jesus Predicts We Will Be Great

On Sunday, Pastor Dave's message was "Jesus Predicts We Will Be Great"  Mark 9:30-37.  What the world says and what Jesus says are different.  Here's what Jesus says about success (in bold).

Success means accepting yourself for who you are.
Success means celebrate who you are; celebrate the person God has made.

Success means knowing all the ways in which you are already a winner.
Success means sometimes an illness, a cancer, a rejection puts you in touch with gifts and graces you didn’t know you had.

Success means taking time to relate to the people you love.
Success means never taking for granted your nearest and dearest and neediest.

Success means knowing when you compete and when to let go.
Success means walking down corridors of responsibility more than corridors of power.

Success means being able to lose your career without losing yourself.
Success means being willing to lose yourself to find yourself.

Success means taking good care of yourself.
Success means giving yourself away to others, to your community—and then seeing what you get back.

Success means spending time with the people who care about you.
Success means experiencing the power and presence of God wherever two or three are gathered together in Jesus’ name.

Success means controlling your finances.
Success means it is more blessed to give than to receive.

(Steven Carter and Julia Sokol, in their book Lives Without Balance: When You’re Giving Everything You’ve Got and Still Not Getting What You Hoped For (New York: Villard Books, 1992), 217ff, define what “Success Means.” As good as their thinking is, it still doesn’t go far enough from a biblical standpoint.)

Some questions to help you reflect on Sunday’s message….

  • Why does the human spirit desire power? Why would God want to bless us with servanthood? (Mark 9:30-37)
  • When have you been blessed by another’s service? Did you tell them?
  • Who might you pray for the opportunity to serve?
  • Pray for the vision of GGCC. How have your gifts of time, talent and treasure transformed the world? How might God be challenging you to new levels of generosity and personal transformation?

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