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  • No Grown Ups Allowed

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    “People were bringing little children to him in order that he might touch them; and the disciples spoke sternly to them. (Mark 10:13)”

    Through the centuries there have been far too many Christians who have felt that their primary calling in life was that of speaking “sternly” to someone or rebuking somebody. There have been too many who have felt that God wanted them to look around to see if anybody was having fun, so they could stop it. Of course this is not the reputation followers of Jesus have with all people, but it is out there to the degree that I am aware that we have an image problem. Let me give you and example.

    A priest is supposed to have said to the comedian Groucho Marx : “Oh Mr. Marx , I want to thank you for bringing so much joy into the world.” To which Groucho Marx, always quick with on the uptake replied, rather ungraciously, “I want to thank you for taking so much out.” Groucho was ungracious, but he had a point. A lot of religious folks seem bent on bringing their wet blankets to every party.

    Do not get me wrong. I am big believer in discipline. I think discipline is one requirement for making disciples. The challenge it seems is how do we as the “church” with a reputation for “taking the joy out of the world,” bear witness to Jesus who scooped up children and told all onlookers that inside this small person are qualities God has placed there and which people of all age are to nurture if they intend to experience my kingdom.

    When was the last time you turned your imagination loose and played dress up with a child? Or when do you remember taking some old brush or boards and building a playhouse? It is the same skill set of God that imagines ways to play, that imagines new ways for healing, hope, and joy to enter into the world. Allow yourself to be part of creation in ways only the spiritual skill set of a child can do it. For when Jesus "took those children up in his arms and blessed them (Mark 10:16),"  you were blessed with such a skill set that is yours for the ages.

    See you on Sunday.

    Still in one peace,

    David J Jensen
  • A Word From Pastor Dave | Greater Things

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    “Very truly I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these, because I am going to the Father," said Jesus. (John 14:12)

    In my experience of being around the church for 50 years I do not think we take this verse seriously. Our mental models will not allow it. We too often see the world and all that is in it as a machine instead of as an organism.
    Machines need oil or re-tuning and they finally just wear out. The machine model is linear, in that the concern is how to get from Point A to Point B with efficiency. The machine model leads to religious boredom. Church becomes an endless series of meetings where we listen to burnt out people who are waiting to retire from church work. This might be an exaggeration, but it contains truth based on my own observation.

    But what if we think of the church as an organism instead?

    Relationships are the key to a organic way of being the body of Christ living in community. The organic model tosses out highly organized strategies if they prohibit the forming of relationships. The organic model of church says that nothing is staked concrete, not even traditions (this of course does not mean that anyone advocates we abandon all traditions, merely that we worship God -- not traditions).


    God, in the organic model, becomes even more awesome because God is the only thing that is unchangeable. The great theologian, Dr. Paul Tillich said, “God is the ground of all being.” In the organic model, there is nothing that cannot be transformed. And our unchangeable God will always bring order out of the chaos of constant transformation.


    A place I hope to see the church practicing the organic method of ministry is this Saturday in the Extreme Community Makeover in Littleton . We will work together from 9am to 4pm. If you can make it for all or a portion of that time I hope to see you there. Click here for details on how you can get involved.  As we grow in Christ Jesus by the building up of relationships, “….in fact we will do greater works than these…."

    See you Saturday and Sunday

    Still in one peace,

    David J Jensen
  • What Does It Mean to Grow as a Follower of Jesus?

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    "Who do the people say that I am? ….But who do you say that I am?"(Mark 8:27 & 29).


    Only after the disciples proved that they could listen to others did Jesus ask them what they themselves thought. Note that first Jesus asks, "What do others think?" Then, Jesus asks "the disciples" what they think. The divine work is done in communities that are diverse not homogenous. Jesus wants to hear lots of views and include lots of people in the mission of expanding the kingdom of God.

    Who do you say that Jesus is? Your observation matters. Who is Jesus to you?

    In the recent issue of the magazine Relevance , Jeff Tweedy of the music group Wilco is commented on who he thinks Jesus is or how we might best find him today.


    "I’ve always liked the notion that what Jesus represents  - and what Jesus' spirit represents to a lot of people – would be more evident in a homeless person than in a lot of the places I’ve found people to be looking much harder. It’s my understanding of the Bible that that would be how a lot of His spirit would be overlooked  – because of the packaging."

    Who is Jesus? Do we often miss Jesus because we do not anticipate his "packaging"?

    Another place often underrated for seeing Jesus is in our best of friends and those closest to us. We each possess gifts from God that when offered for God's use reflect the image of Jesus to those around us. Ephesians 4:12  says,

    "…the saints (you and me and all forgiven sinners, that is who the saints are) are to be equipped for ministry and the building up of the body of Christ."


    Each follower of Jesus is to be "equipped for ministry" so that all people might be heard and included in God's mission. You are called to be in mission. Pastors like me are just one mere cog in the mission of Jesus Christ in the world. Each person is spun into motion by Jesus to be heard, counted, and included in the work of the Kingdom.

    On September 26th I hope you plan to let Jesus equip you for the Extreme Community Makeover project in Littleton. God desires for you to know who Jesus is and to use the gifts of God within you for His purposes. Come and see on the 26th...as Jesus shows up and shows off in unexpected packaging...as GGCC enters into a world where servants will come in unexpected packages.

    See you on Sunday.

    David J Jensen
  • Sunday to Monday | Doing Church in a Whole New Way (1 of 2)

    On Sunday, we started a 2-part series on Doing Church in a Whole New Way. The service started with this video from Nickelback.

    Pastor Dave talked about the Vital Signs of a Church....and how each of us plays a part in the vitality of the church through Preparation, Participation, Pastoral Acts and Public Witness. Here are some questions and passages to reflect on this week:

    • "...they devoted themselves to the apostles' teachings..." (v. 42). What might you do to engage in a higher level of spiritual Preparation?
    • "...they were devoted tot he breaking of the bread.." (v. 42). How might you grow in your Participation in the body of believers?
    • "All who believed were together and had all things in common" (v. 44). How might you share what you have to Pastorally care for another?
    • "...they ate their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having goodwill for all people" (vv. 46-47). What is God desiring that your Public Witness look like?

    And here are a couple of other videos that were part of the service.

    Schindler's List clip on the value of using your gifts to serve others.


    Extreme Community Makeover video. Learn more about GGCC's Extreme Community Makeover here.

  • Doing Church in a Whole New Way

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Last weekend I went back to Omaha and played tennis with my friends who I played with 11 years ago. I have not played a competitive tournament match in that time. I noticed that the players I once kept up with were now more advanced than I. So why am I not keeping up anymore? I'm talking about the same guys I played back in the day, so we have each aged the same. The difference is this: 11 years ago I was in better tennis shape and more fit.

     Back in the day I was hitting tennis balls 5 days a week for at least 90 minutes at a time. It was a passion of mine to play and practice. Over the last decade many of my friends continued to engage the sport with the same focus. They practiced and played matches by the dozens. My game had withered away. I had fun in the tournament I played this weekend, but I was not fully prepared to play the good players I used to play or to face the test of the "tough points."

    Our text for Sunday will be Acts 2:39-47. It is a portion of the story of how God called the church into being. The grammar in this text is of interest to me. The words tell of a faith that is active and alive.

    "…they devoted themselves to the breaking of bread and prayers..." Acts 2:42

    "…they broke bread at home with glad and generous hearts..." Acts 2:46

    "…the Lord added to the numbers those who were being saved…" Acts 2:47

    Note how active this language is in the verses above. God is up to something and commanding that the people be engaged in what God is doing in the world. The story of Acts 2 was not a one-time vaccine. The call to faith was intended to be fully participatory and actively engaged in every moment.

    God calls the people to Acts to engage the church. To immerse themselves in preparation, participation, pastoral acts, and public witness on a regular basis. The Holy Spirit will gift the people and offer all that is needed for the journey. When we practice our faith with regularity and allow God to grow our spiritual gifts, we will be ready for the tough times that are inevitably ahead. However, to fully embrace the opportunity of God's calling we have to respond to what Jesus is up to in our lives. If we say “Oh, I'm saved. There's nothing for me to do,” we will not be prepared to face the "tough points” in life’s journey.

    John Stott, in his wonderful commentary on Acts, says this:

    "After Pentecost (the coming of the Holy Spirit) there were 3,000 Christians in kindergarten! They were learners, they were preparing themselves! The reality is that all of us are always in preparation, seekers after truth, learners. The Christian life is not a one-time event, it is a continuous journey! We must always be growing, always studying because if we quit growing, stagnation comes to you, to me, and to the church!”

    Each day God calls you to live in the church (community of faith ) in a whole new way. May you heed that calling and engage it. GGCC’s website and other communications hold many invitations from God to become more engaged in God's Kingdom and to allow God to fully transform your life.

    See you on Sunday.

    Still in one peace,

    David J Jensen
  • Sunday to Monday | Inside Out Living

    Two videos were part of Sunday's worship experience, focused on how Jesus cares more about what's inside, in our hearts and minds, than about how our lives look from the outside.  Watch these videos again (or for the first time if you missed Sunday morning), and think about the questions below each one.


    • Does the man on the bench in anyway represent your life?
    • Have you ever been really honest with someone about one of your shortcomings? Was the reaction positive or negative?
    • Jesus' reaction to your complete honesty about your failings is consistently love and grace. 


    • We only share our deepest secrets and hurts with the people we trust the most. Does your prayer life reflect a depth of sharing your inner most thoughts that demonstrates a close relationship with God? 

     More questions to help you use scripture to connect Sunday to the rest of your week:

    • Jesus’ best teachings often arise from conflict. Do you avoid a good conflict at all costs? Is Jesus possibly desiring to draw you into a conflict to teach you something? Mark 7:1-8 
    • What spiritual hypocrisies do you maintain in your life? Where are you outer and inner life inconsistent? Mark 7:6 
    • Where do you hold to human tradition that does not allow the commands of God to be alive within you? Mark 7:8 
    • What do you despise in another? Could it be that which you despise is also the inner shadow Jesus desires to acknowledge and take control of? Mark 7:21-23



  • A Word from Pastor Dave | Inside Out Living

    Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ,

    “Wash your hands!” It is a command that has been taught as long as Moms and Dads have been having kids. It is a simple means by which you can better manage your health. It is good advice. From all that I am hearing in the news regarding the threat of swine flu this winter, we will be hearing it more and more.  "Wash your hands!"

    In Mark 7 the Pharisees notice that Jesus' buddies, the disciples, are eating without properly washing their hands. The text says "…they (the Pharisees) noticed that Jesus' disciples were eating with defiled hands, that is, without washing them" (Mark 7:2). So if washing hands is important enough that most parents make it a primary teaching of every childhood, why would Jesus let his disciples get by without washing their hands ?

    I really do not know why Jesus' disciples did not wash their hands. What I do know is that it was not a main thing for our Lord.

    Jesus quoted to them the prophet Isaiah, "…people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me" (Mark 7:6). Jesus had nothing against hand washing, it was just not his focus. Jesus was after their spiritual core, the heart. Jesus desired that their hearts be rid of "...fornication, theft, murder, adultery, avarice, wickedness, deceit, licentiousness, envy, slander, pride, and folly. All these things come from within and defile a person" (Mark 7:22:23). Jesus was more concerned with the cleanliness of people's hearts than with the cleanliness of their hands.

    What is within you that spiritually needs to go? No hand washing can take it away. Only Jesus can take away that which is within you that is evil and needs to be cast away from you. Jesus knows what is within you and is well aware of the evil that lurks in all of us. Are you living from the inside out? When did you last lay up before the Lord the darkness that is within and ask for Jesus to enter there, offering forgiveness, hope and transformation? May you this day experience such grace in the path of Jesus.

    See you on Sunday.

    Still in one peace,

    David J Jensen
  • A Word from Pastor Dave | Paying Attention to God

    Dear Saints and Sinners,

    In the gospel of John, the 6th chapter, Jesus says some startling stuff.

    "Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood abide in me, and I in them." (v. 56)

    His disciples complained, "This teaching is difficult who can accept it?  (v. 60)

    And Jesus responded, "Does this offend you? ... The words that I have spoken to you are of the Spirit and of life." (vv. 61, 63)

    This is one mysterious portion of scripture. Exactly what it all means is more than the human mind can comprehend. We know that the “Spirit” is of God and allows us to see the truth and to have faith in Jesus. The “flesh” represents what is human.  In this text Jesus is saying his flesh is of God, and is used by the Spirit to guide us into truth.

    When Jesus asks “Does this offend you?” (v. 61), I wonder if offense was his intention. Jesus is trying to communicate himself to them. Sometimes, to get our attention, the speaker must cause offense.

    What would it take? What would it take for Jesus to get us to let go of our close-mindedness, our limited perception, and to pay attention. Perhaps we need to pray for God to step in and offend us so that we might see God more clearly in the world around us.

    People gather in church and listen to sermons for many reasons. Might paying attention to God be one reason? Because in paying attention, we take into account those matters that the world so easily gets to avoid?

    Sometimes Jesus is difficult to understand. Yet his disciples said, "Lord to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” (v. 68)

    See you on Sunday .

    Still in one peace,

    David J Jensen
  • A Word from Pastor Dave | Little Things Mean a Lot

    Dear Saints and Sinners,

    “Little things mean a lot.”

    Have you ever heard that phrase? Do you think it's true? Sometimes life’s problems loom so large that they crave a big miracle to satisfy our need, or so it seems. Often the last thing I am looking for to deal with problems is the promise that, “Little things mean a lot.”

    In John 6, Jesus has a big problem. He has been hanging out on the mountain top having some down time only to come down and find 5,000 hungry people. To solve this massive issue he sends his disciples out to triage situation. One of Jesus' disciples, Andrew, comes to him and says, “There's one kid here who came with a sack lunch. He has five loaves and a couple fish. But that is obviously not going to help as there are way to many people here." (John 6:8,9).

    Jesus responds, "Bring me what the young man has and let’s see what happens." Jesus gives thanks for the loaves and the fish and hands them out to be distributed among the people. What happens next, as they say, is history. Everyone -- all 5,000 -- ate as much as they wanted.  And there was food left over (John 6:11-14).

    Jesus likes using small stuff to make a big impact. In the gospels Jesus uses mustard seeds, sparrows, grains of wheat, yeast, sprouting seeds, and children to make some of his biggest points. If Jesus is this into detail and has a strategy for using the small to do good, this is great news for us!

    First, we are each among the small details of God's creation. Jesus loves and cares for each and every one of us! Where do you harbor anger or resentment? Jesus says, "Let it go and embrace the loving ways of your God," when he says


    "Put away from you all the bitterness and wrath and anger and slander….(Ephesians 4:31)."


    Jesus' first command is that you love God, and Jesus wants to release from you all that is in the way of that! Every little thing (or big) that is in the way of God's relationship with you must go! Jesus has come to take away the sin of the world!

    Second, we each are a small detail in Gods creation that can make an impact and has a purpose.


    “….be kind to one another as God in Christ has forgiven you. Therefore be imitators of God as beloved children, and live in love as Christ loved us….(Ephesians 5:1,2)”.


    Look around in this crazy world filled with "new normals." Ministry opportunities abound. Look into the faces of the people around you -- your neighbors, your coworkers, your family members -- and you will all too often see fear and confusion. Find a shoulder to put arm around, a deed for another that needs doing, offer a reassuring word or simply your caring presence. In caring for the other in some small way you will be blessed with purpose and the presence of Jesus in your life.

    Little things mean a lot! Thank God!

    See you on Sunday.

    Still in one peace,

    David J Jensen

  • A Word from Pastor Dave | Ruptured by Freedom

    Today, I am in San Diego on the Senior High youth mission trip. Youth mission trips are clearly one of the most enjoyable points in my ministry.

    It was the summer of 1974, when I was a sophomore in high school on a mission trip in a big Winnebago, with my youth group from St. John Lutheran church in Keystone, Iowa, that I made one of the largest leaps in my life of faith.

    On that trip in 1974 I first began to take this Jesus who dwells throughout the earth and cosmos seriously. All of a sudden Jesus began to take on a relevancy in my life. Up until that trip, I saw Jesus as a person who wanted some songs sung to him on Sunday morning. I had honestly thought that the Christian experience was one contained to the walls of a church facility.

    On that trip across South Dakota in the summer of 1974, the adult leadership team of Pastor Don Berg, Judy Berg and another leader named Milt Jensen (also my father) guided us on an experience of God in the world. We framed discussions around the presence of God in the world. We took on heavy theological issues. It gave us a chance to talk openly about a God who created even acne faced teens in God's image. Pastor Berg would often remind us that "God does not make junk, and you are not junk." We took on real world cultural events and discussed God's presence in them, such as what is God's will of forgiveness and justice toward elected leaders in a world with Watergates?

    Luke 18 is the chapter of scripture I have asked our 13 senior high youth, 3 college aged youth, and 4 adult leaders to ponder this week. It begins with the story of a widow who approaches an unjust judge for justice. Have you ever approached the unjust seeking justice? It is not easy? What we find in the story (Luke 18:1-8) is that the widow's persistence is the greatest gift she has. The widow simply will not give up! Jesus is like the widow, and we are sometimes like the judge. Jesus persistently comes to offer us good news, fresh hope, and forgiveness. Jesus comes relentlessly to bring us an affirmation of our self image, or to remind us that God is King of the universe, and no corrupt politician has the final power over anything.

    Persistence, a great trait to maintain with our youth and all relationships. For ultimately the hope that is ours eternally comes from Christ Jesus our Lord , "...What is impossible for mortals is possible for God(Luke 18:27)."

    I am reminded of the singer Jackson Browne's view of persistence when I imagine the widow, "The stream shapes the rock through persistence not strength." Fortunately in 1974, somewhere along I -90 in a  Winnebago, God literally entered my life in a profound way and ruptured how I had previously seen (or not seen) Jesus in the world. Through experiences such as this I live in the freedom each day to see Jesus in many ways. May you be so blessed this day and often.

    Please pray that we might have safe passage home as we travel this Friday and Saturday. You have prayers rising up for you this day in San Diego.

    See you on Sunday,


    Still in one peace,

    David J Jensen

  • A Word from Pastor Dave | Free to Follow Jesus

    Dear Saints and Sinners,

    As a child I loved summers. Summer was the time I was most free to explore and create with my imagination. With nothing but a few sticks, a little costume clothing and a story in my mind, I could go anywhere in the universe and never leave my backyard. I was often the hero defeating impossible odds and saving civilization from countless evil foes, so that you could enjoy the world you know today.

    Matthew 5:1-12 are called the Beatitudes. They are teachings of Jesus that tell of the power of God to bring reversals of fortune upon the world. Jesus is clear that in his spiritual imagination many things are not to stay as they appear. Jesus is saying take note of the world as you see it, but prepare for things to be turned upside down. In the world Jesus alludes to, "…the people who get the greatest blessings are the poor….the mourning…the meek…the hungry…the merciful…peacemakers and the persecuted…"  To see blessing coming to those Jesus references, you have to be free to follow Jesus, free to imagine and see with Jesus' eyes.

    Do you have such freedom? 

    Did you feel free to dream big dreams for God at one time but that seems lost, and long ago?

    When I feel like my freedom to dream is being lost, I do not often times anymore go into the backyard with a stick and costume. However, I do read the quotes of people like Walt Disney.

    “If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing (Disneyland) was started with by a mouse.” 


    “Too many people grow up.  That is the real trouble with the world, too many grownups. They don’t remember what it is like to be 12 years old. They patronize, they treat children as inferiors. Well I won’t do that.”

    Twelve of our Junior High students are currently in Lander, Wyoming with Vikki Luce and two other adult sponsors serving on a Native American reservation. My prayer is that our missionaries might be able to do some good through their service there. Most of all, I hope and ask God to nurture during this time apart a capacity within each of them to see the world anew.  I pray that they come back with renewed freedom to follow Jesus, to be partners in creation with the God who can make all things new.

    Keep our missionaries in your prayers, and come with open hearts this Sunday to hear testimony of the wonderful works of the risen Jesus in the world.

    Still in one peace,

    David J Jensen

  • A Word from Pastor Dave | Fail....to Prevail

    Dear Sinners and Saints,

    The Franciscan priest Richard Rohr points out that the Native Americans have a tradition of leaving a blemish in one corner of the rug they are weaving, because that’s where they believe the Spirit enters.

    I can relate to rugs.


    It is my desire that things go smoothly and correctly, as they are "supposed to." Which is another way of saying, "I want things to go my way."

    But I have found that when I am at the end of my rope... when I am at the end of my abilities and energies...that is when God takes over. It is after I have felt like a failure that God often shows up and shows off. 

    It is in the blemish points of my life that I have often seen the Spirit enter in and take control. I think Rohr is onto something with his thoughts on rugs.

    When Jesus sent the 12 out in Mark 6 he told them to be prepared to fail. “If any place will not welcome you and they refuse to hear you , as you leave, shake off the dust that is on your feet as a testimony against them (Mark 6:11).”


    You are going to fail, but shake it off and keep on moving forward...and trust that God will come to speak through the blemish in your rug.

    See you on Sunday.

    Still in one peace,

    David J Jensen
  • A Word from Pastor Dave | Free to be Weak

    Dear Saints and Sinners,

    When you think of the 4th of July what comes to mind? 

     I see my first parade ever going down the streets of Underwood, Iowa. That little town of just a few hundred put on quite a show. Most Americans think of great pyrotechnics with giant exploding fireworks. There is nothing inherently wrong with any of the traditional celebrations. However, there are some other perspectives on how to focus the day which have been diluted or forgotten over the years.

    Truth be told, the early colonial Christians saw the 4th of July as a day of simple prayer and meditation. It was a day to lift up humility and to remember that power comes not from human sources but rather from God. Second Corinthians 12:9 was a verse that described the initial spirit of Christianity, “Jesus said,  'My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.'”

    “Power made perfect in weakness…” Have you ever experienced that?

    •  Have you ever been thrown into a new situation and found you were capable of doing much more than you ever conceived of? I am sure you have. That is power in weakness.
    •  Have you ever been in a bind that you did not think you could recover from, only to find that, somehow, you were given a fresh start? That is power in weakness.

    On the cross, Jesus became vulnerable to the point of death. Through Jesus' death, God did not stop but kept going, and three days later Jesus rose again in the resurrection.

    Our country has shown great strength over its 225 plus years of existence. Many of those times rose out of weakness, in response to the Great Depression, Pearl Harbor, the Assassinations of the 60’s, September 11th, face at this time.

    Our God does not stop at weakness. The Lord of the empty tomb stops only at the resurrection. The resurrection is a power that comes up out of weakness to know that God will bring fresh hope and a new day. The power of God that comes up out of weakness is a love that cares more about the welfare of the other than the personal power that might be gained.

    Ultimately the power that comes out of weakness is willing to reach out and offer a second chance when it seems more vulnerable than you want to be. For in that second chance Jesus offers the power of relationship in Jesus' name. Those colonial Christians who spent the 4th of July in quiet prayer remembering the ways of their God may have been on to an element of July 4th God desires to add back in.

    See you on Sunday.

    Still in one peace,

    David j jensen
  • A Word from Pastor Dave: Sacred Space

    Dear Saints and Sinners,

    "Sacred Space".... How do you define it? Where is it? What does it do for you? 

    I remember a professor when I was in seminary beginning this dialogue with a roomful of would-be pastors:

    "Do you believe in sacred space?"

    "Of course we do!"

    "But is Jesus not everywhere? Do the scriptures not say that 'Jesus is present wherever two or three gather in his name' (Matthew 18:19, 20)?"

     "Well, yes, it does say that."

    "Is all space then made sacred, so all places are equally present with God? So no space is any more sacred than anywhere else, right?"

    Do you believe in Sacred Space?

    I believe it exists, but I also carry the conversation forward to this day with that Professor.

    If you are like myself and many others I know, there are places you can go where God seems to appear in ways you do not otherwise see God.  In sacred space, God comes to work upon us and tell us,  "In this place and space you are mine with no interruption or diversions."

    Our brother in Christ, Steve House, recently returned from a trip to Israel, a place considered by billions for centuries to be sacred space. He and I have talked about the feeling he had being in the places where biblical events are said to have transpired. Steve has commented to me that he felt the presence of God in that land in a way he had not before. However, he is aware that God transcends place and time.

    In Jeremiah 31 :31-34, God is frustrated with the people that they cannot keep the ten commandments given to them on the"tablets of stone," so God places the new covenant "within their hearts." (Click here to read that passage for yourself).

    I have been blessed to live in the quandary of my seminary Professor's questions now for 26 years. I have no easy answer. What I have come to understand is that specific places and spaces where we can go to dwell with our God are a blessing. The paradox, I suppose, is that sacred space is only a blessing if it expands our understanding of the places, spaces, and situations our God is present with us in, to the point where we see God in all things with no interruptions or diversions.

    I look forward to seeing you on Sunday . It will be my pleasure to proclaim the gospel in tandem with our brother in Christ, Steve House. See you on Sunday.

    Still in one peace,

    David J Jensen