Sunday, August 12, 2018

 Lord, we pray for Rick Love; we ask for your healing touch on his liver. We pray for Michelle who had surgery a couple weeks ago and continues to recover. Be with all those we remember now in our hearts; bring healing and touch them. 

Be with all who mourn Lord, especially with the loss of life from Hiroshima; that there might be peace over the loved one whom we've lost. Bring your miracle and bless those who mourn as it says in Matthew 5:4. 

Be with us spiders Lord, and babies, who are feeling futility and suffering. That joy might emerge beyond what our expectation might have eve been. For this Lord we know is your truth; affirm it once more in our hearts. 

And Lord, we just pray for this planet. May we be the stewards you asked us to be in Genesis and think about water and other issues this planet faces. 

And Lord, just bring joy to each and every person that is present here today, and streaming in throughout the world. That they might be reminded that they are your children and they were created for joy. Amen. 

Pastor David J. Jensen