Sunday, June 17, 2018

God of Love and Mercy, We come to you holding our sin in in our open hands, asking you to help us, accept our true selves. Purify our hearts Lord, with your Spirit and strengthen us in love, as we lift up these prayers.

Father God,..Bless all who gather this weekend to honor the life, of our dear sister Gloria. For those who feel, with her loss, that their life is now incomplete, fill their hearts, with pleasant memories, the sound of laughter, sunshine, and happier days.

God of Hope, Bless those who need your healing Lord. Elizabeth, Michalene, Michael, Michelle, Jennifer, and all those we lift up silently. May they know Father, that they are your beloved, that you are with them at all times. Grant them the soothing balm, of your gentle, healing touch, that they might know wholeness and your peace.

God of Relief, We have lost faith in our governments. Many are suffering here and around the world, from senseless laws and lack of opportunity. Convict us as individuals, leaders in our nation and nations around the world, when we become too comfortable Lord. When we seek our comfort and pleasure in place of the great mercy, love and grace, you so freely give. Lead us into repentance. Restore our faith, that we as individuals and a nation, may be conduits of your great love. We thank you, that the Nicaraguan government and people have agreed to a halt to the violence. We pray for their continued peace. For your love and protection to surround the innocent.

Hold Close Today, Holy Spirit, Comforter, The children and parents who have been separated at our borders. The children who feel isolated, lonely, fearful for themselves and their parents. We know Lord, deep in our hearts, no amount of food, recreation, or care from strangers, can fill the void of the unknown and the uncertainty of whether they will, or when, they will be reunited with their families. May we be part of the solution Lord, not a contributor to the problem. Break our hearts for you Living Christ. Humble us, to serve one another, so that your name may again be raised high in our nation and around the world.

For Fathers everywhere, this Father’s Day, we pray. Go on your way to peace. Hold fast to that which is good. Strengthen the fainthearted and support the weak. Honor all humanity, for they are made in God’s image. Grow and be more like Jesus. Trust Him, for your courage and strength. Guide us, we pray, to live in ways that extend your peace and love to all people, all nations, and all of creation. In Jesus, name we pray. Amen