Sunday, June 16, 2019

Holy One, our faith journeys reveal new things to us each and every day. Each journey is different, and each journey brings forth feelings of both faith and doubt, of both righteous anger and of peace. Help us to recognize that no matter what we may be feeling in this very instant, You are with us.

Today we pray for: 

  • Theresa Cope who is recovering from minor surgery. 
  • Cindy Howell, as she deals with a cancer diagnosis and learns what all this will entail. 
  • Angie Jumper who is our preacher and her Mississippi mission trip team. 
  • Bismark/Costa Rica Prayers: Missionary Bismark and his family who are in the capital, San Jose, where they had all four travelled and hoped to get their refugee, one-year, visa which critically would give Bismark the ability to work legally. They did not get their visas. They've been asked to return next week with documentation on a few things, to prove their claim for refugee status.Those that Bismark ministers to on the weekend. Female victims of domestic abuse and abandonment of children. Especially for: Jariela, who has two small children, is a recovering drug addict, was abandoned by her husband, and has tried to commit suicide twice. Mariana, who was abused by a family member for years and is suffering deep spiritual and moral depression. Janeth, who was kicked and beaten severely by her partner and has long term physical and emotional scars. Bismark is a faithful witness to the suffering of these women. He asks for our prayers for them to hear and feel God’s work and hand on them in their solitude and sadness. Also lift up in prayer the entire community of Hone Creek that is suffering with drugs, suicide, and despair, especially among the young.
  • For fatherhood.
  • Crane collapse in Dallas
  • Storms across the country.
  • Helicopter crash into NYC building in Manhattan. 
  • US tensions with Iran. Oil tanker attacks near Iran.
  • The 5-year-old who died of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • The 6 migrant children who have recently died in custody at the United StatesMexico border.
  • The thousands affected by the drought in India who have had to evacuate their homes and villages.

We pray for all those places in the world that so desperately need to feel Your presence, O God. May they feel the presence of Justice; may they feel the presence of Compassion; may they feel the presence of Love. And may we each be vessels of Your presence all the days of our lives.