Sunday, November 17, 2019

Heavenly Father, we are here today to hear your words of salvation to all people, to remind us to trust in you and not be afraid. We pray today for you to bind our hearts to your words and lessons. Open our eyes that we will see the wonderful gifts you have given us to share with one another. Unite our hearts in a godly way to do your will among all people. Remind us to love others as you have loved us. 

Lord, we ask you to send your Holy Spirit to dwell in us as we interact with all God's people, the good, the bad and the marginalized. Holy Father, satisfy our souls with your words and not with the the broken world we live in. Provide us with your strength to face our challenges and to help us move outside of our comfort zones to do your will. God, as we go forth to our work and our labor, be merciful to all whose doings are difficult or burdensome and comfort them in their toil. Refine the hearts of employers and those whom they employ to mutual respect, fairness and good will. Lord, give the spirit of governance and sound mind to all in positions of authority and the leaders in all countries to provide the basic needs to their people and care for the suffering. Give them the courage to lead by grace and righteousness. We pray for the replacement of greed, anger and selfishness with godliness, kindness and caring. Bless all who labor in works of mercy: in schools, those that care for the aging adults and for children; the sick and the afflicted. Bless and protect the men and women in service, police and firefighters. 

We pray for God to continue to strengthen God's Grace Community Church in our service to others and our mission in the world. God, we ask for your endless salvation to Dr Kim, Terry, Logan, Celia, Connie, Sam, Rich, Eric and those families who mourn and to those dealing with addictions. We pray for all people suffering hostility and fear. Continue to give salvation to your people. Amen.