Sunday, August 18, 2019

Heavenly Father, who is ever present to accept and comfort us even when we fail and fall. We ask that you keep us mindful of your unconditional love. Even in the midst of a world that seems to be filled with pain, heartache and injustice you provide good and beauty and wonderfulness. Remind us to be good stewards and not to take all we have for granted. Remind us of the gift you have given us to be able to gather here today. Remind us of how our blessings are your face and help us so that these don't become idols. Remind us right now as we reflect on our blessings of family, friends and health.      

Thank you for our ability to care for others in their times of need. Please provide healing to the special people and requests from the God's Grace official prayer concerns list. Please bless 5 month old baby Knox who has cancer and please bless all who surround him, Stephanie, Dana, Chloe, Amanda, Brendan; Cheri and her nephew Matthew's family who are grieving the loss of their 8 year old son; Daisy recovering from surgery; Fred recovering from surgery; bless Scott & Jill's new baby grandson; Kathy and her son-in-law Derek, send healing and bless all those around him, Adriene and family; bless Cindy and Rick who need your strength for healing from cancer; send blessings around the world and the US: to Philadelphia; CA; Sydney, Australia; Hong Kong; Israel; China; the Koreas; Dayton; El Paso; Washington DC; Denver and everywhere else. Send love to the scholarship students through Love Light and Melody that music director Jordan is mentoring, may a safe, loving and Christian education be provided for 17 high school students and 3 elementary in Nicaragua. Send love to our students who are returning to school. Send love to their parents, bus drivers and teachers. Lord, help us to see that our blessings and destruction, even if it's broken glass, as beauty that will sparkle and shine. Lord, in our individual hearts and minds, we lift up and think of right now our special people and our requests to you. 

May you send angels to surround us for all of the situations you just heard. Thank for your amazing grace. In Jesus' name, Amen.