Sunday, April 21, 2019

Risen Lord, as Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France burned this week, so many millions of us were bound together in heartbreak. As Notre Dame emerged damaged but no fully destroyed, so many millions were bound together in hope. As we consider Paris and Notre Dame, please pray for fulfilling and fruitful work of healing and rebuilding. We pray that this rebuilding might continue to draw us all together in a community of faith and are. 

We greet you with joy this Easter season and thank you for the gift of new life. From the darkest day and time in history, you transformed to the brightest light. The most dreadful ending imagined became the most beautiful beginning. From the depths of despair we receive the hope everlasting. The curse of death is defeated by eternal life,  love and peace for all of us. Help us to carry into everyday knowing that we have waiting fo us true paradise with you risen Lord. Grant us wisdom to know what we must do in our lives we have left, the will to want to do it and the courage to serve you and others. 

Bless our food, our families, and our friends and help us to celebrate this season of Easter today and everyday.

 We pray for our community suffering from illness and mourning, especially those remembering the horrors of Columbine twenty years ago, who are living their lives with the burden of sadness. We pray for Nolan, Roger, Ken, Stu, Helen, Kenzie, Michelle & Ed, Shirley and Bismark. We pray for the families of Marty Dumler and the families of the workers killed in the trench collapse in Windsor this week. We pray for the bus accident in Portugal; the terrorist attack on Sri Lanka this morning, the people of Libya, the Sudan, Venezuela and Yemen. Strengthen their faith to feel the comfort and renewed hope that you provide this day and every day. Shine your light in us, through us and over us. May we make a difference in this world for your glory and your purpose. Thanks be to God for your indescribable gift of love. To you be glory and honor on this Resurrection Day and forever. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Heavenly Father, gracious loving God, we give thanks for the beautiful spring day and the ability to gather and give thanks in your name. Lord, we give thanks for your son, Jesus Christ, he sacrificed it all fro us, every person on this earthy, every man, every woman, and every child. He saved us with his absolute gift of love. But what if he had said, "no"? He knew it was coming. What if he had said "no," where would we be now? 

We live in a wonderful time, we live in a traumatic time, we live in a tragic time. We give thanks that we can come to you each day in our prayers to talk about our fears, about our blessings. You are there for us when no one else is. Lord, you died for us, you took away our sins. We still pray for forgiveness for our transgressions. Sometimes we just don't have the sense to get out of our own way. We pray for forgiveness. 

Today as we pray, we lift up the victims of Columbine as the twenty year anniversary is here. The families, the teachers, the students, the community that were forever impacted. We pray for the lost and the lonely. We pray for the sick and for their caregivers. We pray for those in mourning; we pray for those that are victims of violence locally, nationally and globally. We pray for those that are victims of natural disasters. We pray for the young victims of trafficking and slave labor. And yes Lord, we also give prayers of thanks, thanks for our blessings, for our celebrations. And in closing with a reading from Isaiah: 

That he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities, the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we were healed.