Summer's Not Over!

Is summer over? I’ve heard this from teachers and students alike…”summer is over.”  Hey – summer isn’t over!  Maybe some of the freedom of summer days without school are coming to an end.  But check the calendar – summer isn’t over!

The days are still filled with light.  The air is warm.  The flowers are still blooming and the crop is coming in with fresh, crisp, juicy produce.  The birds are still singing and trees still offer lovely shade.  Our schedules may be fuller and activities may fill our days, but summer isn’t over!

Here are some things we can still do to enjoy the loveliness of the season that is ours until mid-September.

READ THE BIBLE OUTDOORS "I don't think it is enough appreciated how much of an outdoor book the Bible is," Wendell Berry observes in Sex, Economy, Freedom, Community. Think of how many times Jesus taught while outdoors or how often the Psalmists use images of the natural world. Read some of your favorite scripture passages while you are out in nature, and see how the setting enriches the experience.

TAKE IN THE WONDERS OF SUNSETS  In a workshop titled "The Spirit of the Earth," Manolb Catina stated: "Look at the colors in the sky at sunset. The day that is fading away is like your inner being that is changing little by little, that has the freedom to transform, to grow....Look into these colors of the sunset and see the being that you are, which is transforming." As you watch a sunset, ponder the shades and contrasts in your life. Say goodbye to those parts of yourself you wish to change or discard as the Sun dips behind the horizon.

GO ON A PICNIC  Go on a picnic. As you lay out your spread, say "Thank You" to everything and everybody who contributed to your having this special meal — the earth, the rain, the sun, the farmer, the market, the cook, even the cooking equipment. Be sure to include corn on the menu. Laurie Colwin explains in More Home Cooking: "That is the magic of corn, America's most emblematic food. It evokes memories of sunburn and rowing and swimming in the lake or wandering on the beach looking for shells. It is true soul food." Eating this special food, visualize all who have relished summertime corn with you.

Psalm 98 (The Message)
Sing to GOD a brand-new song. He's made a world of wonders!
He rolled up his sleeves,
He set things right.
GOD made history with salvation,
He showed the world what he could do.
He remembered to love us, a bonus
To his dear family, Israel--indefatigable love.
The whole earth comes to attention.
Look--God's work of salvation!
Shout your praises to GOD, everybody!
Let loose and sing! Strike up the band!
Round up an orchestra to play for GOD,
Add on a hundred-voice choir.
Feature trumpets and big trombones,
Fill the air with praises to King GOD.
Let the sea and its fish give a round of applause,
With everything living on earth joining in.
Let ocean breakers call out, "Encore!"
And mountains harmonize the finale--
A tribute to GOD when he comes,
When he comes to set the earth right.
He'll straighten out the whole world,
He'll put the world right, and everyone in it.

Say it with me – Summer isn’t over!

Ideas taken from the article: “Summertime and Living Takes Practice”  By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

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