It's my time to write a devotion, and nothing is coming to me.  Writer's block.  I'm stuck.

While sitting at my computer awaiting inspiration, my gaze falls upon a beautiful inheritance that I had alwayslonged to have, and which now hangs on the wall of my study.  My dear sister Kathy delivered it to me when she and my brother-in-law Bruce visited us from their home in Traverse City, Michigan; they came to be here for Brad's graduation from high school.

It is a framed work of my great-grandfather, Phillip Scharmann, who was a parochial school teacher, choir director, and organist in Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Nebraska.  He was also an artist and an accomplished calligrapher.  The beautiful calligraphy that I've inherited is in German,


and translates:

Where faith, there love.

Where love, there peace.   

Where peace, there blessings.

Where blessings, there God.

Where God, no distress.

So that is the first half of my devotion.  I am also moved to pass on a sample devotion or two from a book entitled "God Calling" edited by A.J. Russell; that I found in a used bookstore a couple years ago; and that always helps me overcome fears and find peace:

True Success                                                                        July 14
Our Lord, we thank Thee that Thou hast kept us.
Rejoice indeed that you see My Hand in all the happenings and keepings of the day.  Protected, the Israelites crossed the Red Sea; so are you protected in all things.  Rely on this and go forward.  You have now entered upon the stage of success.  You must not doubt this.  You must see this.  Beyond all doubt you must know it.  It is true.  It is sure.
There is no age in Eternal Life.  Have no pity for yourself, nothing but joy and gratitude.
These last few weeks have been the submerging before the consciousness of rescue.  Go forward now and conquer.  Go forward unafraid.


Expect the Good                                                      July 13
Can you get the expectant attitude of faith?  Not waiting for the next evil to befall you but awaiting with a child's joyful trust the next good in store?

God's Peace,

Steve Koerwitz

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