Stop Whining

I admit that sometimes I struggle when it is my time to write a devotion.

I have to say that this one was easy to write, as I have made a decision to stop whining.

Most of you know, I lost my job May 1, 2017. It was unexpected. Now I say that, but in looking back, I did have a hand in it. I was fighting for something I believed in, but the company did not support. I kept fighting and pushing and they finally told me, that today, May 1, 2017 was my last day. It was still unexpected. I have to say it has been a blessing and I wasn’t really all that happy doing what I was doing. And unbeknownst to me, it was the beginning of a company downsizing.

I was out of work for 7 months. It was a long 7 months and it beat me down pretty good. Unemployment did not suit me. I started a new job January 3, 2018, and I really like it. My prayer when I was out of work was 'please God put me where I am supposed to be.' Over the 7 months of not working, I prayed that prayer a lot.

January 2019 will be my first anniversary on my job:

I am grateful for my job and my ability to work.

I am grateful that I am able to work.

I am grateful for my family and their patience as I struggled through this time.

I am grateful for my church family that supported me, and asked how I was doing and what could they do to help me?

I am grateful to God- for listening to my prayer and placing me where I am supposed to be, as opposed to what I thought I wanted.

I am grateful that I can share my 35 years of experience with new people in the industry .

I am grateful for the freedom and flexibility that I need as we work through a tough time with my mom.

I am grateful that I have what I need, not what I want. When I think about what I want- it is material “stuff.” No real substance- nothing that will last or be valued.

I am grateful for what I have and who I share my life with.

I can’t say that I won’t whine again ever. But for today, I am grateful and I am not going to whine.

When I started to write this, I said, I struggled sometimes to write my devotion. You may think there is not much depth in this one, or you may think BINGO- I know what she is saying. I hope we are all grateful for what we have.

I am grateful for God’s mercy, grace, love, support and for listening when I am on my knees praying for help and comfort. He is always there and I am truly grateful.

Heavenly Father, gracious and loving God- Thank you ! Amen

Maureen Herzog

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