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"A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love." - Saint Basil

It’s February, the month of love! Ok, it’s the month of lots of things, but the first thing in my mind is love, and Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. Until 4 years ago, I hadn’t thought Valentine’s Day was that special. It seemed like another commercial ploy at guilting people into buying useless items for their “loves” to cement the fact that they cared. I always thought it was more important to show your love in the other 384 days of the year. But on February 14th, 2008, my view of Valentine’s Day changed in a big way. And yes, I still think the holiday is way overblown, but my idea of love in general took on a whole new meaning. My granddaughter Paloma was born that day. People talk about their love for their children and I get that, but having a grandchild is a whole different love. Now you might think I’m going to tell you all the ways in which having a grandbaby is wonderful, or what a special child Paloma is…sorry to disappoint! I will say that especially in the past year, since she has become more verbal (a true conversationalist actually) and has been going to “school” 3 days a week, all kinds of learning opportunities and talking points have presented themselves.

On a recent babysitting day, with Paloma and “the brothers” in the car (I should mention that two more grandbabies came along 17 months ago, and the love just keeps growing!) I pulled away from the ATM and on ahead into the Hobby Lobby parking lot, where I stopped to briefly get the card, etc. put away. When I looked up, there was an older lady attempting to get her packages into the back seat of her car. Suddenly, down she went, slipping on the ice, and sliding halfway underneath her car. I immediately went to her aid, assuring she was ok and could walk and chatted with her a bit while she sat in her car, making sure she had her “wits about her.” When I got back in my car, Paloma was full of questions…Who is that lady, Grandy? Do you know her?...Is she hurt?.... But why did you help her? I jumped at the chance to say that is what Jesus would do (pat on the back to me, huh?!) Then I took a minute to remind her of some of the stories she had shared about her school. She had told me that Annie fell down and she had helped her up. She had told me that Miss Denise always comforts the kids who get hurt. She had told me that it’s not nice to laugh at other kids when they get hurt…She told me that Mr. Mario will help if you don’t know something…and on and on. I was reminded that the little people in our lives learn more from watching us, than listening to us. I guess that goes for the not so little people in our lives too.

So, yesterday I heard on the radio that this is Random Acts of Kindness week, or maybe it was “month.”  Out of curiosity, I googled it. Did you know there is actually a Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, with a very detailed website. In fact, there is a list of 248 kindness suggestions! Amazing… During this month of love, I encourage you to step out of the rut of your Valentine guilt. Instead of buying your sweetie an expensive gift, pick up the tab of the person behind you, it might be the most love he/she has been shown in a long time. Write a note to someone who has made a difference in your life, and make a difference back to them. Let someone go ahead of you in line, just because. Start a conversation with the dry cleaning counter person and let them know they have merit.  Compliment the co-worker who you have nothing in common with; your relationship will be enhanced undoubtedly. Invite your neighbor over for coffee and conversation… You get the idea. Spread the love!

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. John 13:34

Andrea Heshmati

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