So This Is Christmas

Dear Christmas People,

“So this is Christmas and what have you done, another year over, a new year yet begun…” 

There is often a huge disconnect between the good works we speak and those we incarnate (allowing God's way to become flesh) in our lives. In personal relations and politics, in mass media, in academia, and in organized religion, our good words tend to float away even as they leave our lips, ascending to an altitude where they neither reflect nor connect with our lived experience.

We long for words like “love, truth and justice” to become flesh and dwell among us. But in our violent world, where hate and speech generate rabid support for certain wannabe “leaders,” it can be risky to infuse our frail flesh with the language of heart and soul.

In the Christmas story, God takes the risk of incarnating. In fact, God doubles down on that risk by choosing the flesh of a vulnerable infant, not a  warrior king, a claim that brought me to tears of wonder when I was young. But my adult knowledge of that infant's fate – a fate shared by so many who have devoted their lives to love, truth, and justice—brings tears of grief and anger, along with a primal fear of what might happen if I followed suit.

An infant in a manger is as vulnerable as human beings get, and what an infant needs is simple: food, shelter and protection from harm. The same is true of all good words seeded in our souls that long to become embodied in our midst. If these vulnerable but powerful parts of ourselves are to be incarnated – to suffer yet survive, survive and thrive, transforming us and the wounded world around us—they need to be “swaddled" in unconditional love.

See Luke 2 or John 1 for further reflection. 

I hope to see each of you at Rock Canyon High School in Highlands Ranch this Saturday for Christmas Eve worship at 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

Prayers: For Dr, Barb Page, whose sister it seems is near the end of life; all who mourn the death of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey; all who are traveling; that Christmas truth might be born anew in each heart this year and always…

Still in One Peace, 

Pastor David J. Jensen

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