Slaying Giants

Dear David’s,

In his book “David and Goliath," Malcolm Gladwell brings the ancient story into the modern day. If a shepherd boy named David defeated the giant named Goliath 3000 years ago, are such things possible today? Might God be on the side of the misfits and the underdogs? With God on our side who can defeat us? Or is 1 Samuel 17 merely a tale of someone’s imagination that holds little truth for today?

I have seen giants get slayed by David’s in my lifetime, but it had very little to do with David. David’s are just a vessel willing to be crazy enough to attempt the impossible. The genius is that David was wise enough to say in 1 Samuel 17:45-47,  "You(Goliath) come at me with a sword a spear and battle ax, but I come at you in the name of God.” He is shrewd enough to know he cannot do it on his own.

This week is the anniversary of Jesus' baptism. Among other things, baptism is a promise, that our relationship to God is totally dependent upon God. God is the active agent in all our dealings with God; we are passive recipients of God’s love and grace. For people who are successful at slaying giants and gaining what they hoped for in life, baptism is a lifelong reminder that our status with God is not dependent on what we do or produce or achieve, but what God does for us in Christ Jesus. Faithful David’s are the ones crazy enough to believe the giants can be slayed. Addictions can stop. Abusive marriages can be stopped. Relationships can be mended. The broken hearted can be healed. The lonely can find companionship. The unemployed can find meaningful work. The depressed can receive new hope. Wars can turn to peaceful days. For those baptized in Christ Jesus nothing is impossible! NO Goliath is too big to be slayed by Christ Jesus who is within us.

May the God of David go before you always!

Pastor David J. Jensen

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