Shoes and Our Walk

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In Luke 24:13-45, two of Jesus’ insiders, Cleopas and an unnamed disciple, are walking along in grief. They are walking the seven miles of the Emmaus Road, from Jerusalem to Emmaus. They are very discouraged that the one they had believed to be the Messiah had died. As of yet, they are not aware that Jesus has been resurrected. Jesus “comes near” them and actually begins to walk with them (Luke 24:15) but they do not know it is him. It has been said, ”what the mind does not anticipate it struggles to believe.”

Hard to understand. They were walking with Jesus, but yet they did not recognize him.They were discouraged to the point of thinking that all “hope” had been lost (Luke 24:21.) When we fall deep into despair, it is sometimes hard to see the opportunity the Lord Jesus brings our way.

Where do you walk and what do you see? I remember an inner city pastor some 20 years back telling me he could tell a lot about a person by their shoes. He believed that the age, style, wear of a shoe -told stories about people and he paid close attention to them in his encounters with others. As Mothers Day approaches I recall a movie clip…..

From the 1994 film Forrest Gump-
Forrest Gump : Those must be comfortable shoes. I bet you could walk all day in those shoes and not feel a thing.
Nurse at park bench: My feet hurt.
Forrest Gump: My momma always said you can tell alot about a person by their shoes, where they go, where they’ve been. I’ve worn lots of shoes. I bet if I think about it real hard, I can remember my first pair of shoes.

Shoes…….I think they are a great spiritual icon. What stories do your shoes tell? How many times have you walked with the risen Jesus and noticed? And how many times have you walked with Jesus and were blind to his presence?

I look forward to sharing the Emmaus road story with you this Mothers Day! One thing a good mom will do is help us to look at various perspectives and notice what we may have otherwise walked past with neglect. Let us give thanks this Mothers Day for faithful moms like Forrest Gump’s, who remind us of our sacred walk of life.

God’s blessings, still in one peace-

Pastor David J. Jensen

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