« Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you » Isaiah 60 :1

Arise! Shine! Your light is here! Yes, you! Yes, now! Your light has come, is always coming – into you, into our world, Infinite, Wonder of Wonders, to behold, gob-smacked, in awe. So much Life, Light. And – this really is crazy: This Light of Life: in us! Shining out through us! And never stops giving Light to us so our lights run out. Because: and now… “the rest of the story…” This Light of Life, by some wild mystery, tells us, “And you, yep, you, and you! No hiding, light up! Because, there is so much riding on this, especially here, ready, set, go! You are the Light – My Light Shining in the world.” 

Wild, woolly mystery, this. But it seems so. We are being trusted! We are summoned, we have to get out there and – for the Love of God – Shine! “You are the light – the world is desperate for you, for my Light lighting you up! For Light that lights it all, the world of worlds; for the Light that makes Light: Okay, then, you get out there and do it for us all – Shine!” Ohh, mercy, we need it! “Now. Here. Take in my light, Shine with that! Ohh, mercy, you need it”‘Holy liminal llamas, that’s a lot of Light!’ Light. Brighter, stronger, and more beauteous than this magnificent Solstice Midnight Sun – at 68 degrees latitude. __And for me, transforming. Vigil of a lifetime. An intimate brush with primal energy and purpose. All night Sun. Earth rotating, so close, I really felt I was right there, on the ride, rotating! Sun moving West to East – no, wait! That was us! Rotating. Moving. Whoa! 

But that glorious month-long Sun, goes away. 

It is dark there now.

However…Later that same year, 

Annika was in New Zealand at Solstice. 

And, there it was. Same sun. (Do they call us ‘the Up Over?’) 


Nature itself shows off, and illustrates, no coincidental analogy, 

 this Shining, this Light of Light. And illustrates this reality too:

 __so, then and by the way, know this, trust this, you can lay it all on this,  “This Light, my Light that is coming, and, coming to you, more, more – this is Light that will not ever be put out, not overcome, not taken from you! Or your world. Never. Get that? Never. No matter.” Light of Life, “shining out like shook foil!” Always.   

“So then, You! You there, kinda shy, and you too, You, too, o Miss sad and scared, and You, Oscar The Grouch, You, cynic, and even You, with the bandwidth of a blade of grass: get it together! You have something. You have got something alive and lighting you up, and this weird ‘not wired to code’ world begs for you, Light us up! Help! Show us! So we do give, we work together: we “spill the Light,” and you, you tired bright old Light of the world, Move it! I can’t say this too often: Shine! Shine!”  Get attention. Give attention. Just shine with everything you know about me. So much is riding on this. For real. And for God’s sake, don’t hide it. Don’t you dare cover it up! Be bold, and for the love of God, just Shine! Keep shining this authentic Light, Light of Life, so others see! And, by now, right now, let’s be clear: we need the rest of the world, as many as can, to see this Shining light, My Light of Life, Wonder of worlds, My Light, coming in to bind up the hurt, redirect values, and shine all over the place! Don’t be a chicken. Go on. Shine!” 

(Picture of Midnight Sun in Northern Sweden)

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