Shifting Gears

My son recently got a new car, and has been learning how to drive a manual transmission. We told him it would take practice to get the feel of when to shift. The first few days, he struggled. He had the most difficulty just getting the car moving into first gear from park. On the second day after purchase, he stalled the car out 10 times and was still not moving. He was clearly frustrated, so I hopped in and attempted to show him how to gradually let off the clutch while giving it some gas. He commented that it seemed so easy for me, and my shoulders straightened slightly. While it had been about 18 years since I had last owned a "stick" (coinciding with the transition to the mom mini-van stage)  I told him that it was kind of like riding a bike....once you learn, you never forget....once you have more experience, you learn when you have to downshift....once those RPM's are revving, you know it's time to shift up.  Lots of life analogies, huh?

Shifting gears...we've all had to do it. Life is going along just fine when we're hit with the unexpected -detours, roadblocks, hazardous driving conditions. Maybe it's a health issue, or a job loss. Maybe it's a job transfer and you end up heading to a far away city that you can't imagine living in. Maybe it's divorce, financial hits, family issues, or ..... You get the idea, right? Think of all the times in your lives that your well thought out plans were derailed. Maybe you stalled out for a time or maybe you easily shifted down, or shifted into high speed, depending on your needs.

Granted, we are all unique in our responses to life's twists and turns. While some of us "drive through" life in the fast lane, others of us pull off at the exit and wait for the hail storm to pass. There's no right nor wrong, every situation is different. The important thing is being aware of when it's time to shift gears, slowing down or speeding up when it's appropriate. All of this "driving talk" reminds me of Carrie Underwood's song about "Jesus taking the wheel. " The song's character talks about "running low on faith," says she "can't do it on my own." She goes on to say "save me from this road I'm on..." A reminder that we need God in our lives. We need to let him help us navigate the road, and open our eyes to the path he wants us on and let him take the wheel when we are sliding sideways out of control.

Gracious and loving God, As we experience all of life's ups and downs, help us to remember to shift gears when necessary and if we get stalled out, that you will be there to help us get going again. As ourGGCC congregation shifts gears from our previous plan of building in Castle Pines North, help us to remember that you're leading the way to new plans, new people, and new places. Amen

Andrea Heshmati

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1. Julie wrote:
Your analogies and wisdom always speak to us! Thanks for sharing. God Bless, Julie

Sun, April 25, 2010 @ 6:32 PM

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