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 3-9-2014  How to Talk to Jesus  Vikki Luce  Sermon_3-9-14.mp3
 3-2-2014  Is it Worth Getting High?  David Jensen  Sermon_3-2-14.mp3
 2-23-2014  Perfect Vision  David Jensen  Sermon_2-23-14.mp3
2-16-2014  What's Love Got to Do with It?  David Jensen  Sermon_2-16-14.mp3
 2-9-14  Africa  Hunter Lee  Sermon_2-9-14.mp3
 2-2-14  Super Sunday  David Jensen  Sermon_2-2-14.mp3
 1-26-14  Where's the Fire?  Terry Hershey  01_Sermon_1-26-14.mp3
 1-19-14  The Art of Battling Giants - Part 2  David Jensen  Sermon_1-19-14.mp3
 1-12-14  The Art of Battling Giants - Part 1  David Jensen  Sermon_1-12-14.mp3
 1-5-14  Happy New You  David Jensen  Sermon_1-5-14.mp3
 12-22-13  The Supporting Cast  David Jensen  Sermon_12-22-13.mp3
 12-15-13  Love  Brad Corrigan  Sermon_12-15-13.mp3
 11-24-13  Debt of Gratitude  David Jensen  Sermon_11-24-13_!.mp3
 11-17-13  Your Life Matters -Welcome to the Big Leagues  Dan Hettinger  Sermon_11-17-13_1.mp3
 11-10-13  What Will Heaven Be Like?  David Jensen  Sermon_11-10-13.mp3
 11-3-13  For All the Saints  David Jensen  Sermon_11-3-13.mp3
 10-27-13  Moses: Obedient Identity  Vikki Luce  Sermon_10-27-13.mp3
 10-13-13  Joseph: Brother & Leader  David Jensen  Sermon_10-13-13.mp3
 10-6-13  Abraham: Relator to God  David Jensen  Sermon_10-6-13.mp3
 9-29-13  People of Peace Practice Toxicology  David Jensen  Sermon_9-29-13.mp3
 9-22-13  Peace That Forgives Jim Dietvorst  Sermon_9-22-13.mp3
 9-15-13  Peace for the Lost  Rev. Leon Kelly  Sermon_9-15-13.mp3
 9-1-13  Peace at the Bottom Vikki Luce  Sermon_9-1-13.mp3
 8-11-13  The Adullum/Hebron Soundtrack Studio  David Jensen  Sermon_8-11-13.mp3
 8-4-13   “Rameses” Where Do You Take Your Shoes Off?  David Jensen  Sermon_8-4-13.mp3
 7-28-13  (Our) How Are We to Pray?  David Jensen  01_Sermon_7-28-13.mp3
 7-21-13  The Better Part  David Jensen  Sermon_7-21-13.mp3
 7-14-13 Undesirable  707 Sr High Youth Mission Trip Team  Sermon_7-14-13.mp3
 7-7-13  People of Peace  Vikki Luce  Sermon_July_7_2013.mp3
 5-19-13  Truth  David Jensen  Sermon_May_19_2013.mp3
 5-12-13  Mother's Day  Angie Jumper  Sermon_May_12_2013.mp3
 4-28-13  Church - Outside the Box  Vikki Luce  Sermon_April_28_2013.mp3
 4-14-13  Do You Love Me?  David Jensen  Sermon_April_14_2013.mp3
 3-31-13  Trash to Treasure  David Jensen  Sermon_March_31_2013.mp3
 3-10-13  Believe You Matter  Vikki Luce  Sermon_March_10_2013.mp3
 3-3-13  Build More Bridges David Jensen  Sermon_March_3_2013.mp3
 12-16-12  Here's to the Crazy Ones Kyle Larson  Dec_16_2012.mp3
 12-9-12  Surrender and See Jesus  David Jensen  Dec_9_2012.mp3
 12-2-12  Biblically Depression Proof  David Jensen  Dec_2_2012.mp3
 11-25-12  Is, Was, About to Arrive  Vikki Luce  Nov_25_2012.mp3
 11-18-12  Tales of Pine Ridge Pine Ridge Ministry Team  Nov_18_2012.mp3
 11-11-12  Giving Out of Poverty  David Jensen  Nov_11_2012.mp3
 10-7-12 Come and See David Jensen  Oct_7_2012.mp3
 9-23-12 Jesus Predicts We Will Be Great David Jensen Sept. 23 2012.mp3
 9-16-12 Who Am I? Vikki Luce  Sept. 16 2012.mp3
 9-9-12 When Are You Too Old to Follow Jesus? David Jensen Sept. 9 2012.mp3
 9-2-12 Work Life Balance David Jensen Sept. 2 2012.mp3
 8-19-12 What Would Jesus Eat? David Jensen  August_19_2012.mp3
 8-12-12  Waveridigng with Jesus David Jensen  August_12_2012.mp3
 7-29-12  I Am I Said  David Jensen  Sermon_July_29_2012.mp3
 7-22-12  Getting Your Life In Order  David Jensen  Sermon_July_22_2012.mp3
 7-15-12  The Truth About John the Baptist & Michael Jackson  David Jensen  Sermon_July_15_2012.mp3
 7-1-12 The Greatest Generation  David Jensen  Sermon_Jul_1_2012.mp3
 6-10-12  Love Story - Meeting God in the Bible  Vikki Luce  Sermon_Jun_10_2012.mp3
 6-3-12  Sabbath Rest  David Jensen  Sermon_Jun_3_2012.mp3
 4-8-12  Be Content to be Shaken  David Jensen  Sermon_Apr_8_2012.mp3
 3-25-12  Be Content to Give  David Jensen  Sermon_Mar_25_2012.mp3
 3-11-12  Be Content to Submit  David Jensen  Sermon_Mar_11_2012.mp3
 3-4-12  Be Content to Follow  David Jensen  Sermon_Mar_4_2012.mp3
 2-12-12  Jesus LOVES Making Disciples  David Jensen  Sermon_Feb_12_2012.mp3
 2-5-12  God's Playbook  David Jensen  Sermon_Feb_5_2012.mp3
 1-22-12  I Am Not the Same Everywhere David Jensen Sermon_Jan_22_2012.mp3
 1-15-12 Love Light & Melody  Brad Corrigan  sermon_jan_15_2012.mp3
 11-20-11  Let Us Be Thankful for an Awe-Full God  David Jensen  Sermon Nov 20 2011.mp3
 11-13-11  Today, Yesterday's Tomorrow  Rev. Leon Kelly  Sermon Nov 13 2011.mp3
 10-23-11  The Kingdom's Elevator Speech  David Jensen  Sermon Oct 23 2011.mp3
 10-16-11  Politics  David Jensen  Sermon Oct 16.mp3
 10-9-11  It's A Party!  David Jensen  Sermon Oct 9 2011.mp3
 9-25-11  Scripture Has NO Authority  David Jensen  Sermon Sept 25 2011.mp3
 9-18-11  Last Church  David Jensen  Sermon Sept 18 2011.mp3
 9-4-11  Cube the Faith  David Jensen  Sermon Sept 4 2011.mp3
 8-28-11  What Am I To Deny  David Jensen  Sermon Aug 28 2011.mp3
 8-7-11  Water Walking  Vikki Luce  Sermon Aug 7 2011.mp3
 7-31-11  Small Resources  David Jensen  Sermon July 31 2011.mp3
 7-17-11  Journey in the Wilderness  Randy Weldon Sermon July 17 2011.mp3
 7-3-11  Be Different  707 Sr. High Missionaries to Chicago  Sermon July 3 2011.mp3
 6-19-11  The Father We All Crave  David Jensen  Sermon June 19 2011.mp3
 5-29-11  I Will Not Leave You Vikki Luce  Sermon May 29 2011.mp3
 5-22-11 Troubled Hearts, Promises & Possibilities (Two Questions That Will Bring You Peace)  David Jensen  Sermon May 22 2011.mp3
 5-15-11  How to Live Life to the Fullest  David Jensen  Sermon May 15 2011.mp3
 4-3-11  I Was Blind But Now I See  David Jensen & Rev. Leon Kelly  Sermon Apr 3 2011.mp3
 3-27-11  Living in a Bible Story      GGCC Missionaries and Brad Corrigan of Love, Light & Melody  Sermon Mar 27 2011.mp3
 3-13-11  Freedom Sunday  Pam Harvey  Sermon Mar 13 2011.mp3
 3-6-11  Beloved Mountain  David Jensen  Sermon Mar 6 2011.mp3
 2-27-11      Don't Worry, Be Happy  Vikki Luce  Sermon Feb 27 2011.mp3
 2-13-11  Love God, Love People, Serve the World      David Jensen      Sermon Feb 13 2011.mp3
 1-9-11  Friendship Never Leaves You  David Jensen  Sermon Jan 9 2011.mp3
 1-2-11  Changing Through Relationships  Vikki Luce  Sermon Jan 2 2011.mp3
 12-5-10  Brad Corrigan, Love, Light & Melody  Brad Corrigan  Sermon Dec 5 2010.mp3
 11-7-10  I Hear Voices  David Jensen  Sermon 11-7-10.mp3
 9-19-10  Put Down Your Stones  David Jensen  Sermon 9-19-10.mp3
 9-12-10  True Friendship  David Jensen  Sermon 9-12-10.mp3
 9-5-10  Your Dream Boss is Now Hiring  David Jensen  Sermon 9-5-10.mp3